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Most Popular Medical Inflatable Tents For Various Emergencies

Author:yolloy Date:2016-4-2 13:20:48
Have you ever see inflatable medical tents for an emergency? These tents are very helpful, as you can use them in various emergencies as a temporary shelter for people. There are different models of medical inflatable tents. In the following content, you can read about the most models of inflatable emergency tents on the market. These tents can be customized in terms of a color and size in order to suit the best for an emergency. To see these tents, click here: 

For too many people, a large ribbed medical tent for an emergency is the most famous expensive medical tent. You will find the entrances from both sides and some windows, and the corrugated tents have a lot of interconnected PVC arches. For that reason, it’s a very secure structure that may be installed on almost all of areas. There’s a great deal of space, therefore, you're able to put different items as well as electrical devices within the medical camping tent. It is able to house a great number of people at a time; therefore, folks will have a short-term dry and secure shelter. 

The next one is the inflatable relief tent. This is a medium-sized medical tent, and its standard dimensions are 5mL x 5mW x 3mH. Therefore, you can place more than 20 people inside such a tent. The relief medical tent is supported by strong air inflated poles, which contributes to its high stability. Its roof also consists of air tubes, and there are numerous line holders for lights. 

Inflatable refugee tent for first aid is the next one. It consists of special air column structure and can be used when the air temperature is from -35°C to +65°C. In addition to high-temperature resistance, this tent is also water resistant. Therefore, it is suitable for every weather condition. 

One more favorite expensive medical camping tent is a white medical inflatable tent for calamities. When it comes to usage, this medical tent is ideal for a number of disasters, for example in wildfires, earthquakes, war situations, and also other situations in which it's essential to temporarily cater for wounded persons and provide them the first aid for the time being. It's made of the first-class PVC canvas, making use of high-temperature welding tools. For that reason, it's UV and also waterproof. Actually, this camping tent is made up of the robust structure of large air tubes, in addition to a white fabric that is distributed all over this structure. 

One more air-supported structure intended for disasters is expandable emergency showering system for just one person. This small housing is made from 1000D PVC tarps, having its typical dimensions 2m x 2m x 2.5m H. You will find that there's a protected casing of air pipes, having an air edge which retains the contaminated water within a tent. Additionally, there are many kids to spread out a water-resistant fabric and valves throughout the tubes, all over this expanded structure. Like the earlier medical camping tent, this item is additionally convenient to use and it’s particularly created for the fire agency, military, medical centers plus more. It is generally used for 1 person decon shower these days.