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I met the most beautiful Mobile Planetarium Dome today

Author:Mobile Planetarium Dome Date:2012-12-3 0:07:35

This morning, my classmate Wang Ling asked me to wander to the mall. So we are together all day. Usually, I always wander by myself, but now I have a partner so that I feel very happy.

When we come into the gate of the mall, I saw many people stayed in the square out of the mall. There is a big tent, the color is yellow, there are many beautiful pictures shown in it. As matter of the fact, this is the newest Mobile Planetarium Dome, it is very fashion just like a big house. The scene aroused my curiosity. So we run into the yellow Mobile Planetarium Dome.

Some customers were choosing the right pictures for themselves, and we found some picture artists were busy in wholesale their own pictures. Therefore, I think this Mobile Planetarium Dome is the best choice for displaying all kinds of the  products.


This Mobile Planetarium Dome is so big that it likes a charming building. Its size is about 30x20x10m, the material is 0.6mm heavy duty PVC tarpaulin, and the shape is tunnel. It is really big such as the beautiful hall.

If you view it carefully, you will find its special function.They are excellent in protection against cold, wind, rain, snow and burning from the sun. The Inflatable structures can miss up to 95% of sunlight, and they steadily attached to the ground and can withstand the big winds. Besides, they are easy to install, quick to fold and pack. There is a possibility of multiple assembly or disassembly facilities, and they can be used to cover a large enough area.

If you saw it, you must say that this is a big palace. We love this Mobile Planetarium Dome very much. When I went home, I wanted to introduce this charming Mobile Planetarium Dome to my mother, because my mother is a big clothing wholesaler in many marketplaces. Usually, she uses the common tent to protect many products, but it is very bad in the rainy day. So I feel that the Mobile Planetarium Dome is the best tool for my mother, the Mobile Planetarium Dome can resist the rain, snow, and the sunshine.

Therefore, I was very glad to tell my mother that I met the most beautiful Mobile Planetarium Dome today, and I told her some details about the Mobile Planetarium Dome for a long time. At last, my mother smiled at me, “This is a good idea for me, my business needs this Mobile Planetarium Dome very much. I will get it soon!