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Medical inflatable tent

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-5-17 13:57:49
Do you often hear of earthquakes? Do you often hear of any other bad news? Maybe you have heard them very often in recent years, the bad news always appears every now and then. As we all know, once the disaster come, many people will be victims, they also need help no matter they are in anywhere.


As we all know, all kinds of the disasters happened in the whole world in recent years, we are living in a more disasters times, so the first-aid tools is very essential, and the disaster relief activities are very important. As a doctor, I have taken part in the rescue work for many years, and I thought the comfort medical inflatable tent was worth buying.


First of all, we know the wounded personnel is very painful, they not only need the doctor to cure, but also they need the comfort environment to lay down. Of course the most comfortable medical inflatable tent is needed. As long as the patient have a good rest in some comfortable inflatable tent, their body also can be backed to health. Now, the following one is very useful in any disaster areas.


                medical tent inflatable during disaster 

Here are the details for this inflatable rescue tent, this size is about 6mx4m, it is made of the PVC tarps, the weight is about 90KG. This inflatable medical tent is made with high quality PVC tarps from Plato with high heat welding technology. The air tubes are totally air tight, so once inflated, the air shelter can stay for a long time which makes the shelter sysems suitable for the disaster area where do not have enough power supplying.

The advantages of the medical inflatable tent are small pack size, easy to transport and assembly when comparing the traditional tents. The big inflatable tent is also waterproof, and UV resistant. The strong structure make the whole inflatable shelter to stand even in wind about 6 grades, and also burden snow about 5 cm in thick. This medical inflatable tent is not only light, but also it is very durable, it can be installed in a short time, this is a good thing in rescue work.


As the ambulance personnel, we need to choose the most suitable tent for disaster relief activities, and the best medical inflatable tent should adapted to a variety of terrain to install, and this medical inflatable tent can do that. Therefore, make sure the wounded personnel comfort and safety, we’d better choose this medical inflatable tent.