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Making your commercial deal in the inflatable party dome tents

Author:Yolloy inflatables Date:2019-3-21 13:39:25
When there is a big commercial deal, the businessmen always need to book a hotel or some other party places to hold a commercial party. However, this will take the businessmen too much time and money to book a hotel and hold a party in it. There is a kind of tents can deal with this problem. It is the inflatable party dome tents.

Above, the tent show in the picture is one of the inflatable party dome tents. It is white and large. This size is designed for the big parties, like the commercial party, the wedding party, the ceremony. As for the commercial party, people are always sit together to discuss the treaty. When the discussion is over, they will hold a party to celebrate for the agreement they achieve. So, the one who make preparation for the party can put ten tables in this tent, and ten persons can sit around one table. It can contain for one hundred people. For the exhibitions, there are some exhibition goods to show. They will occupy some room. So it can contain for one hundred and twenty people. When it comes to a ceremony, people just need to sit and listen, so they just need some chairs to sit. So the tent can hold for more people, for one hundred and fifty people.

The inflatable party dome tents have many advantages, like convenient, light and easy to set up with an air blower. Made with the rip stop nylon or PVC tarps, these party tents are very lighter than other tents which are made of steel frame and canvas. What’ more, it can be fold and can be set up because it is soft. Its small weight and collapsible characteristic led it to an easy transportation of it. According to all of these advantages, it is suitable for many occasions, no matter parties for wedding, commercial deal or birthday celebration, or ceremonies.

The inflatable party tents also can use as a shelter for rescue, for camping. It has different sizes. The big one can be set up to hold more wounded personnel or use as a medical shelter for doctors to save the wounded. The small one can contain for less people, so it is suit for the family camping or collective camping for students, teachers, colleagues and so on.

Before you want to buy a inflatable party tent or lent one from the local tent lent shop, you had better to think about what size do you need at first. Wish you enjoy it.