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Large clear roof inflatable igloo tent and tunnel

Author:inflatable igloo tent Date:2013-10-16 18:29:26

People become quite logical when they decide what kind of exhibition will make sense. To set up a simple and crude tent for merely a show is a normal choice for most of the old-fashioned propagandists. In these days, people are long for a modern show to capture their attention. In the light of this statement, a very useful kind of inflatable tent comes into being, which, we highly recommend to whoever wants to make his exhibition with great effort, is called large clear roof inflatable igloo tent and tunnel.

Much you may pride of your taste in the first sight of this tent, yeah, really, it is elegant indeed right. With its simple line to sketch its contours, this huge tent seems very outstanding. What is more, as its color is as white as a blank sheet of paper, it doesn’t give the passers-by a first impression to influence the effect of your exhibition. Take two of these aspect into consideration, you will find it a great choice for an exhibition.

For more details about the tent, I want to tell you that the roof is made in clear PVC, and the tube is an air tight tube made in PVC tarps. These kind of material has been proved very durable by our other products. So, as for its quantity, you can be at ease.

Another advantage is that, once it is inflated, then the dome can keep in the shape of a dome and stay for several day. Thus, you don’t have to worry about its stability.

Last but not the least, it's easy to set up and move place to place, which means that it can show up everywhere it is needed.

Here is a warm prompt that the bottom has an anchor part, it can be easily fasten with fixed point when in windy weather.It won’t be easily torn away and it can stand still even if the wind is a little bit fierce, for the main part of the tent is cut through, and it largely reduce the collapsing force of the wind. What is worth mentioning is that the dome is water proof, your exhibition won’t have to be put off if it rains, which ensures that your exhibition can be held on time regardless of the weather condition.

Except the function of holding an exhibition, it can be used for any other outdoor parts or promotion event, which will catch a very goods sight of the passenger.

If you are brilliant enough to be ahead of the future current, just have a further study of this kind of inflatable tent, I believe that you will be well-repaid.