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Inflatable water roller---a cost-effective inflatable water game

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2018-10-12 14:29:53
inflatable water roller

Are you familiar or interested with the inflatable water roller in the picture above? As the popularity of inflatable products, inflatable water games are also in fashion in many conditions such as water parks, swimming pools, lakes and seashore scenic spots. Isn’t?So I am sure that most people have played the inflatable water roller in those places and all of them have enjoyed a lot with it.

Without doubt, inflatable water roller is such interesting inflatable water game and it has brought people much amusement. People can play with their friends in it. When they make the roller move on the water under their unity and cooperation, what great happiness and sense of accomplishment they will gain. Or they can have a small competition in pairs on which team can get the final goal at first. When people are tired, they can have a rest in it, chatting or singing happily, leaving the roller float freely on the water. Whatever, it has brought enjoyment for people.

With so much entertainment that inflatable water roller has brought, these places must have drown many customers’ interest and made great profit from it. Of cause, the quality and design as well as other details about it are important for products managers.

Inflatable water roller is made of 0.99mm durable commercial grade PVC Tarpaulin with excellent welding machine made in USA which has stable performance. It makes the product high tear strength, water proof, heat-insulation and cold weather resistant, which allows it to be used in a long period and safe for players. Apart from these, there is a useful fixing kit with fixing material and glue which can last the warranty if there is something wrong with the product. The CE approved air pump which makes the product to be installed in a short time also brings convenience for client. Besides, a durable vinyl carriage bag for package makes thing more perfect.

In addition, with so high quality and competitive price, if you want to buy inflatable water rollers, it is also very convenient for you to get them. We can ship them by sea, by air or by express for you quickly. Our professional manufacturer also can design all kinds of inflatable water roller or other inflatable water games according to your requirement. If you have any further question, you can contact us.