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Inflatable water game with different function

Author: Date:2018-6-7 10:57:14
Water game is a popular activity in people’s holiday, especially in summer holiday, people love going to the beach or water parks to play with water. If there are some water game facilities, it will be more perfect.


There are many kinds of water game. As a result, there are many kinds of inflatable water game products. Like inflatable water slide, inflatable iceberg climbing (as the picture show follow), inflatable water zorb ball, inflatable boats and so on. Between taking a sunbath and playing the beach sports, these water game facilities will bring more interest and happy for people.


Running a water theme park must need many entertainment facilities to attract more people, and the various kinds of inflatable water game facilities are the best choice for you. In summer, people will go to your water theme park by themselves to enjoy themselves, but when the winter comes, less and less people would like to play with water. There are some kinds of inflatable water game facilities can be play in winter and it is interesting. The inflatable zorb ball is an example.


These inflatable water game products have various sizes. Some of them are big enough to contain more people. Like the inflatable iceberg climbing, it is in a big size when it is filled with air and floating on the water. Ten or more people can climb on it. With a big volume, it has a bigger buoyancy force and it is not easy to sink. So people can climb on it without worries.


The inflatable zorb ball can be use both in summer and winter because people just stay in the ball and make it rolling on the surface of water, it will not make people get their clothes wet. This kind of ball is in a suitable size. It can not accommodate many people in it because it is rough, when there are too many people in it, them can not make the ball roll well-off.


As for the inflatable boats, it has many sizes too. The small one is suitable for lovers, it can provide a private room for the lovers and the water can supply a romantic atmosphere. 

To make your business better in winter, the inflatable water game products are important, so order some of them on http://www.yolloy.net/Inflatable-Water-Park-Toys/  now.