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Benefits of Inflatable screens in a number of applications

Author:Inflatable screens Date:2012-11-6 19:36:34
Inflatable screens are popular and multipurpose inflatable advertising products. They are common in a number of applications, such as for event expos, outdoor movies, outdoor advertising, product launch, sport telecasts, school fundraising and many other outdoor events.
Following I’d like to tell you many benefits of inflatable screens. Then you will understand why they are perfect for a number of applications.
Firstly, inflatable screens are more convenient than common screens. We all know creating a big outdoor event is not simple. To use an inflatable screen can save time and staff as much as possible. From the below picture, 
 we can know that: thanks to its light weight, it’s easy to transport to the site. With a high-powered electric blow, it only needs several minutes to be installed, much quicker than setting up a scaffolding structure to mount a screen. After the event is ended, it is convenient to deflate, remove and place in the storage.
Secondly, inflatable screens are of cost-effective with one year warranty. In an outdoor event, they are cheaper than the common LED screens. Besides, they are made of PVC Tarpaulin, deciding it to be durable, waterproof, cold weather-resistant and heat-insulation, which allow them to perform well and stand with stability in extreme weather conditions. For example, they can withstand the strong wind up to 25 MPH.
Thirdly, inflatable screens can make the outdoor events unique and unforgettable. No matter in outdoor or in community, creating an event show like movie or product launch, all kinds of fundraising and advertising telecasts with the inflatable screens can appeal to people around. It can show the pictures clearly and with the help of blower, it can present perfectly under the constant pressure, without need to worry that it would be stopped midway. With these high technologies, obviously it will create an amazing event, drawing all of age groups’ attention.
Fourthly, the sizes and formats of inflatable screens are variousand can be customized. The manufacturers have designed many different sizes and formats inflatable screens in order to be suitable for different kinds of outdoor events. In addition, if you have a new idea and want to create a unique outdoor event, the manufacturers will be glad to design a new one for you according to your requirement.
So, if you need one to create an amazing outdoor event, please contact us.