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Inflatable rocking Saturn

Author:Inflatable rocking Saturn Date:2013-10-22 15:08:53

In this article, we are going to introduce a new kind of water sport to you. Just as you can see in the picture, to men are standing on an inflatable object, which looks like a planet, they grab the handle of the object and is trying to make the other down into the water. This is a special game to improve your ability of keeping balance. The object is calledinflatable rocking Saturn, just as its outlook suggested.

This inflatable Saturn is made of PVC material, which is perfect for inflatable models. The inflatable Saturn is made as colorful as possible, which give it a beautiful outlook and make more interesting and attractive. When it is put into the water, you will be the focus of the people around the swimming pool. It shape is so cute that will surely capture the attention of the passers-by. The inflatable rocking Saturn is very durable and you can enjoy your game freely and safely.

I believe that when we are little child, we often dreamed of landing on a planet beside our mother earth. Now, with this inflatable rocking Saturn, you will feel that your dream comes true. Not that you are really on another planet, but this inflatable object will make you feel the great fun that nothing could compare with.

Here is the brief introduction to play with this inflatable rocking Saturn. Of course, this is one of the playing method, you can discover other fun function with your curiosity and wisdom.

On the dome part of the Saturn, there are many handles. Before the game starts, two men are supposed to get ready climbing on the Saturn. Then, when the competition begins, both men will try their best to step the bottom of the Saturn, make it wave fiercely and try to make his competitor lose his balance and plunge into the water. The one who insist to the end of the game will be the winner. This is a very nice game for a long afternoon playing in the swimming pool.

It is very good to play this game with your friend, it will be a good way to strengthen your friendship by having fun together. Also, in order to win this game, you will be more flexible and cautious. Yu will improve your body harmony by twisting your body. With this interesting stuff, your precious afternoon will not be wasted on swimming with a dull mood. You will be more active once you possess this wonderful inflatable object.

To have more fun, just visit our website to get further information!