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Inflatable outdoor shower tent decontamination

Author:Inflatable shower tent Date:2013-10-14 9:23:29

As you can see in the picture, the huge facility just seems like a public bathroom, which, it really can be. Well, this is a special kind of inflatable product, it is called inflatable outdoor shower tent decontamination.

In recent years, tourism has spread its paws to a large whelm of the world. As the climate is becoming worse and worse, people learn to cherish the beautiful scenery of the beaches. Thus, business on the beaches becomes flourish. And, as everybody has experienced, it is a nice feeling to have a shower after swimming in the sea.

So, for those who want to make a fortune in the trend of beach business, this kind of inflatable tent is a very wise choice.

As I recommended, if you have this tent, you can set about earning money by charging the tourists a small sums of money.

Maybe I should introduce it to you first.

This tent is specially made. With the original material we use to make other products, this inflatable tent possesses the same advantage as any other ones. It is very convenient to set up and is very durable and useful. The air bags in it separate the tent into a few individual rooms. Each room is wide enough for a customer. Decontamination tent is made with an inflatable tent together with a decontamination system. With the air pumped, the decontamination shower tent can be set up in 5-10 minute. It will not fall down for many days even you do not add any air in to the sealed air frame. It can be used when the water supply system and related accessories have been linked.

So, in brief, this is a kind of portable public bathroom indeed. But it is much better than the traditional public bathroom in the following obvious aspects.

First, it costs less but repay you more. As we know, to build a new house, no matter how small or simple, it will take much time and need a lot of construction material. So, you have to invest a large sums of money before starting your business. However, inflatable tent is much cheaper than a house, which make you start your business fast.

Second, this kind of inflatable tent is much more durable. Houses will turn old and dirty after long use. But this tent can be cleaned easily and be kept durable even after a period of use.

Third, it is a special experience for the tourists. They will admire the wisdom of the modern technology. It will surely attract many customers for you.

Considering what has been told you above, don’t you think it is a really good bargain to have this kind of inflatable tent for a profitable busineaa?