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Inflatable labyrinth game for developing kids’ brain during their hide and games

Author: Date:2013-3-4 22:48:28

          When you see the inflatable labyrinth game in the follow picture, you may feel surprise because this inflatable labyrinth game is so big and a little complex for your kids but it will make your kids crazy!

          In fact, the one showed here is a commercial one for commercial usage. Its size is 12 meters in length and 12 meters in width.  As such a big maze, it can contain for many kids to play on it if they want to walk through the maze by themselves. As we all known, if kids are walking in the maze by themselves, they should use their brain to think about how to walk out of the maze. As a result, this can train kids to use their brain to think and develop their intelligence. When kids want to play the hide and seek game in it, they can hide in different corners of the maze. The complex structure of the maze will make the game more excited.

         As you can see from the picture, this inflatable labyrinth game’s size is hollow out one by one. The design of this structure is helpful to kids. For the kids who play the maze first time, they are not familiar with the method to walk out of the maze. Some of them may success, but most of them will be failed. In this situation, kids can get out of the maze through the doors in four sizes and try again.

         This giant maze is made with the advanced material named PVC tarps, which is flame-retardant, uv-resistant and waterproof. Because of this material, the maze is durable and soft and waterproof. I think it is very suitable for the commercial usage and can help the businessmen gain more profit. Otherwise, it is the same with other inflatable products that it is easy to set up with some air blowers and easy to deflate the air in it through the zippers.

         Not only can use as a commercial one, the inflatable labyrinth game is also suitable for parties or as public entertainment facility. It will be popular among the curious kids.

        If you want to buy some inflatable labyrinth games for your business, you may think it is a little boring when all of them are in blue. That is not a matter because the color of it can be changed. You can ask for different colors when you make an order.