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Inflatable dome tent for camping

Author:Inflatable dome tent Date:2013-8-29 14:55:17

Has it ever occurred to you? As the pace of life is becoming increasingly busy, we hardly have time to relax ourselves, and to chase, say, a romantic life. But people still used to get some surprise from the dull routine of life. Then, what about lying on the grass and see the stars twinkling in the black sky? Just imagine the scene where you lover lays down with you side by side, counting the star and sleeping in your arm peacefully…

Well, cut! You are reminded that the grass has a lot of pest and almost nobody would be willing to lay on the grass. So, if you are seeking a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful picture of the sky, you are lucky to haveinflatable dome tents!

 Generally speaking, the inflatable dome tent is a large tent that can fulfill your dream. Always transparent, the inflatable dome tent can provide you with a space where you and you lover or your family can have a good time.

The tent is wide enough to contain a bed, or other furniture. Thus, you can lay on the bed and watch the sky through the dome roof of the tent. You will feel serene, as the wind blows peacefully, making the trees wave graciously. Nothing could compare the leisure that the lovely night scenery brings you.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about the quality of our product. As the inflatable dome tents are made of PVC tarpaulin, they are very durable. This kind of material is totally watertight and wind resistant. You can bring it to the wild and just take a few minutes to blow it up. It will quickly turn out to be a temporary shelf for living. After you have had a good time in the wild, you can take a rest in the inflatable dome tent. To live overnight in the tent is also perfect. You won’t be disturbed by wind or rain, you can even feel as if you were a part of the nature cause everything surround you are visible thanks to the transparent wall.

If you want to have one and experience the wonderful feeling of living in the wild, you can visit our company for an order. All the inflatable tents we sell are severely examined by our factory. You don’t have to worry about the quality, neither the price. We are sell them at a sensible price which will surely meet you budget.

For more information, click the website http://www.yolloy.netand feel free to contact us!