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Inflatable dome Tents for Many Ways

Author:Inflatable dome Tents Date:2013-9-2 19:38:35

When it comes to inflatable dome tent, we may probably think of camping and medical assistance generally. But do you know it can be used to exhibition and advertisement?

A big scale inflatable dome tent show up in a Province for the earliest time on 2nd February, 2009. It was 10 meters in height and 30 meters in width. It can hold about 800 people. On that day, two more tents were also set up, but they were shorter than that one. They just were 5 meters and 4.6 meters high. These inflatable tent was made of PVC oxford, at the same time equipped with air conditioning and facilities of heating and circuit path. What is more, it was fire retardant and it can be applied to exhibition and celebrations. Whether an exhibition can be held depends on the size of the place, so people can buy different kinds of inflatable tents according to their need. Because inflatable tents of such a large size could not be seen so frequently, they attracted so many people to visit.

This is one of the usage on exhibition, and the other common usages are not strange to us. When we have camping, tents are necessary to create a soft and moisture proof environment for you. As it needn’t be fixed with difficulties, more and more people choose them for camping because of their convenience and all the obvious advantages. Sometimes we need them as temporary residence for refugees. In addition, we need them for medical assistance for refugees as well. They bring convenience to our life.

If you want to hold a sales promotion for your products, then inflatable dome tent will be a good choice for you. You have the priority to choose what kind of shape they are to be made. Of course, that must be adjusted to your products. No matter what form it is, it still can advertise for your products. Just imagine that in the crowd of people, how an inflatable dome tent will help you attract the attention of people! You must be the biggest winner of a show. There is no doubt that people will surround your inflatable dome tent and admire it with great curiosity.

Nowadays more and more inflatable products are made by us. And the use of them is approved by people, so does the inflatable tent. In order to make your life more convenient, just take action to buy our products!