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Inflatable boat Eagle Seahawk sport fisherman boat for 2-4 person

Author:Inflatable boat Date:2013-10-25 17:19:53

Rowing a boat is a manual work which require both strength and cooperation. We can see the athletes compete with each other on their boat and try their best to arrive at the finish in the Olympic Games. We may be admirable to their perfect performance but few of us really have opportunity to have a try and to control a real boat. However, you don’t have to be dull because it is not too difficult to possess an inflatable boat for excitement. Here we introduce the inflatable boat Eagle Seahawk sport fisherman boat to you.

Generally speaking, this is a professional boat with modern standard. You can see in the picture that this boat looks very durable and firm, and the fact is that its quality is just as its outlook suggests, which is really good, for the material we use is one of the most advanced one called PVC tarps. As for its size, this boat is 2.88 meters in length and 1.44 meters in width. Its net weight of its own is 25 kilogram. This boat is capable for a load of 160KG, which allows two to four people to stay in the boat at the same time. It won’t sink into the water even if it is loaded with heavy things. As there are three independent air chambers on the boat, it is very convenient for inflation or deflation. We deliberately color the boat to looks like a Warcraft, but if you would like to change it into another theme, we could offer customized color to you.

This kind of inflatable boat is very nice for rental business. If you are ambitious to earn a large sums of money, then you can run your own business renting inflatable boat to those who play near the lakes or river. It is also very popular to drift with a boat in the fierce torrent. If you are an individual businessman, just think about this idea.

Of course, this is equally perfect for family use. If you live near the water area, it is good to own your private boat and to enjoy the sunny afternoons with your family members on the water. Rowing a boat can exercise the muscle of your arm, if you are a man, then you can make it one event of your body-building plan. If you are female, trust me, appropriate amount of exercise can help you lose weight and keep fit, to row a boat half hour every day is a good way.

In a word, if you want to experience the fun of rowing boat, just take more time to know about our product!