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Inflatable air bot provides a condition for you to experience

Author:Inflatable air bot Date:2012-12-7 0:13:33

Hey, boys and girls, do you often go to the Internet bar to play computer games? Especially for boys, you go to the cyber bar fluently for playing the battle games. You feel excited when you are fighting with someone on the Internet. When it comes to the stimulate parts, you want to play it on your own but not use a computer. However, the games on the Internet are virtue. So it is impossible for you to take part in it in the real world. However, this became the past tense, because there is a kind of inflatable air bot can let you make this come true.


It is the first time that you come into contact with the air bot, right? Then what is air bot? Inflatable air bot is an inflatable battlefield, which is suitable for both children and adult. It is a round or square inflatable area with two safe inflatable suits, two helmets, two blowers and all necessary in it.

As you can see in the picture above, this kind of air bot has an appearance of the one in the virtue game, like the color, the layout and the suits. Now the problem is how to use it? It can be play with two participants one time. Participants are suited up in futuristic, safe inflatable suits to engage in exciting matched contests. The suits are pressurized and then the battle begins as the two participants push each other out of the ring into the inflatable arena. Then, you can play it as you play the battle games on the Internet.

Having a battle game is a dangerous sport, so the safety is the most important thing during the game. However, you can rest your heart during the game or before the game. The inflatable air bot has its most important advantage is everything in it are all inflatable. They are use the advanced PVC tarps as its material. And when they are full of air, they feel soft and has a good elasticity. They can protect participants from getting hurt. At the same time, they remain their entertainment to make the participants enjoy themselves.

The same with other inflatable products, the inflatable air bots are light, easy to set up with an air blower, easy to transport and save room when they are fold up. If you are interested in it, just own one to enjoy yourselves with your family members or your friends.