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Inflatable Tents: The Ideal Companions for Camping

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-8-9 17:55:31
You can find inflatable tents in different shapes and sizes. When you compare them with the ordinary tents, these inflatable tents have numerous advantages. We shall see some of the benefits for your clear understanding. In the Yolloy store, there is a lot of high-quality inflatable tents for camping, so all you need to do is to offer one or more that best suit you.

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The inflatable tents are light in weight. This is one of the main reasons for using an inflatable tent while camping. A usual tent accommodating two persons would weigh about three and a half pounds. Hence, you will find them easy to carry anywhere you want to. You should ask a mountaineer about the importance of the weight of the cargo one should carry when climbing over the steep slopes. These tents do not occupy much space. You can easily carry a deflated tent in your backpack wherever you go. In addition, you will find space for your groceries as well as other necessities. As it occupies a minimum amount of space, you will be able to carry such tents in your rucksack as well.

The third advantage of such tents is the ease with which you can use them. You can inflate or deflate them easily. You need not spend much time on their maintenance. You need not worry about the terrain while you go for camping. The terrain can be sandy, rocky, mountainous, or even grassy. These tents can fit everywhere.

The only ingredient you will need is a hand/foot pump for inflating the tent. In case, you make use of a larger tent for accommodating more people, you may require using an electric pump. It will not take you more than two minutes to do so. You have to agree that the time factor is an important one. You may require more time for doing other things such as hiking, exploring the area, or even for relaxing with friends.

If inflating the tent were so simple, so would be the deflating process. There are various air chambers in your tent. Every air chamber has several deflating valves. This enables you to deflate them easily in quick time. You might remember that the traditional tents required mounting of the metal structure. Of course, that used to be an irritating chore consuming too much of your time. These inflatable tents save much of your time in comparison. As far as maintenance is concerned, you can easily wash them using water under pressure. Once dry, you can fold and keep them aside.

Quality wise, you will find these tents to be exemplary. They use clear PVC or alternatively PVC tarpaulin for their manufacture. These materials make these tents waterproof and all-weather resistant too. Hence, you will be able to take shelter under these tents during the rains. They last long too. You must admit that these inflatable tents sport a beautiful design and look much better than the other tents. You next camping adventure will be full of fun with an inflatable tent.