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Inflatable Portable Shelters For Various Emergency Situations

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-5-17 12:06:38

Almost every of us has been in some emergency situation. It is every situation that poses a risk to life, health, property and goods, or the situations that are dangerous to the environment. For example, emergencies include the various natural disasters (hurricanes and tornadoes, floods, mudslides, earthquake, wildfire, etc.), disease outbreaks (such as Ebola, cholera, and malaria), the state of war, and so on. All these situations require urgent intervention and the safe shelters for the injured and afflicted people. These shelters must be portable, reliable and stable. The mobile emergency air shelters are exactly that!
In the Yolloy store, there is a wide variety of emergency and medical inflatable shelters. These tents are intended for various emergency situations. In the following text, you can read about the most used air emergency tents. For more info about these shelters, go here: http://www.yolloy.net/Outdoor-Inflatable-Tents/inflatable-shelters-13-17-1.html. 

Small Portable Emergency Tent For Fire 

This small emergency tent has a sealed frame at its bottom. Also, there are rolled-up zipper doors, as well as an air berm which doesn't allow the polluted water to come inside the tent. If you over inflate this tent, the relief valve will open itself. The small portable tent is suitable for different emergencies. 
                                      portable emergency decontamination for fire 

Grave Emergency Tents for Emigrants 

The tents are crafted with the use of soldering devices that use high constant temperatures in order to create a resistant and sealed framework. Around the base of the tents, there are a number of anchor rings that can be tied to sandbags or to the tent poles that are provided. These tents are airtight and need to be inflated by an air pump. Their quality structure offers great durability and needs to be inflated only one time. 
                                         Emergency Refugee tents inflatable air structure 

Disinfection Inflatable Emergency Shelter 

Measurements: 4.6m*6.5m*2.7m. Weight: About 130kgs. Material: 1000D PVC tarps. The disinfection tent is basically an inflated tent with an additional deck on the installed system. This secluded system consists of a shower system and an inflated pool that collects all the contaminated water, preventing the infection of the surrounding area. After the water supply system and the related appliances are connected, the tent is ready for immediate use. The disinfection shelter is created in such way that will ensure practical transportation and an easy to install and use process. Also, the design and the quality of the material make it suitable for effortless transportation. 
                                         decontamination tent inflatable emergency shelter
First Aid and Hospital Inflatable Emergency Tent 

The inflatable immigrant tent is made for providing first aid to the emigrants. It covers the needs for a rescue tent, immigrant shelter, and movable hospital. In cases of serious catastrophe, it can be used to help people. They are known as inflatable emergency tents, inflatable cross tent or inflatable first aid tent. The colors are red and white but they can be modified according to the needs. The material of the tents is PVC tarpaulin. 

                                                       inflatable mobile hospital for emergency first aid

Inflatable Hangar Tent For Cases Of Emergency 

The costs of renting hangars are extremely high making the recovery process really expensive. Inflatable hangar tents supply secure, easy to handle and independent outdoor functioning environment. The structure of the tent makes for easy and direct installation without the requirement of previous training. In addition to this, it has low weight and is easily movable requiring only a small maintenance staff. 
                                           inflatable hangar