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Inflatable Air Dancers To Buy In Yolloy Store

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-5-17 11:47:10
There are different types of inflatable advertising products on the market, however, the air dancers are considered as the best items to have a successful advertising. Have you ever seen such a “dancer” by now? This dancer is powered by air that constantly entrance to it. In fact, it is connected to the special electric device which blows the air in. This way, it moves and it looks like it dances. Thus, such a name. This dancing catches the public eye, so everyone who passes over there must notice it. It has the better effect when it comes to the advertising than the motionless ads. 

To see these amazing advertising inflatable dancers, go here: http://www.yolloy.com. Here, you will find a lot of interesting air dancers: 
                 Advertising sky dancer 
                 Big 18ft USMA inflatable air dancer 
                 Inflatable air sky dancer double leg 
                Sky dancer which indicates placards air tube 
                Inflatable single leg sky dancer 
                Inflatable santa clause sky dancer 
                Inflatable clown air dancer adverstising, and many more.
How to fill an air and set the sky dancer in a motion? At the bottom side of the sky dancer, there will be an outlet which will be connected to an electrical fan. After connecting the outlet to the fan, turn it on. Once the fan is turned on, the sky dancer will stand up and dance. It really does not need any training or past experience to set and run a sky dancer. 

It can be done by anyone as it is easy to handle. It weighs few pounds, so it can be easily carried around and transported. 

From many years, air dancers can be seen around in the market as well as in other places. They attract people with their frisky dance moves. They are used on various occasions. They have great length, breadth and height that make them easy to get noticed from a far distance. Therefore, they are mainly used as an advertising tools in promotional activities. 

Air dancers can be used for the following occasions: 

                 For business meetings and conferences; 
                At sports events and in sports fields; 
                In various celebrations and festivals; 
                In amusing parks; 
                For music concerts; 
                For advertising occasions; 
                During the holidays ; 
                For other outdoor and indoor events. 

In order to advertise more effectively, the air dancers with printed advertisement and contact information must be used at the places with a large crowd. Other than the professional usage, you can also use air dancers for self-entertainment and to have fun with kids. 

As far as the designs of sky dancers are concerned, they are available in different sizes and shapes. These sizes range from short to tall sky dancers which are above than 20 ft (over 5 m). Most of the sky dancers have hands only. However, very few sky dancers have both legs hands. They are available in different single colors as well as in different colors.