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I am going to bring the inflatable water ball to the beach in my next birthday festival

Author:inflatable water ball Date:2013-6-9 17:14:19

There are five people in my family. They are father, mother, young brother, youngest sister and me. Usually, we are very friendly, and play with games together in our spare time. Besides, we never had a fight, such as the eating fruit, every one can let others to eat at first. However, the most exciting thing is everyone’s birthday festival every year.


Now, my parents are old teachers in our town. My young sister has worked for one year, and young brother is a teacher in a high school for almost two years, and I just work about half a year. Although we've grown up, our birthday festivals are still held each time, even more wonderful.


Last week, one of my brother’s colleague bought one entertainment equipment for him as a special gift, the name is inflatable water ball. When the birthday festival was over, my young brother and his colleague asked us to go to the beach for entertainment activities. To my surprisingly, that inflatable water ball is very good for them during the whole water games, it is very charming with brightly, such as the following one.


This is an latest inflatable water roller, the size is 2m, the body is yellow with blue. The material is the 0.9mm (32oz) durable commercial grade PVC tarpaulin. In addition, the application locations are water park, swimming pool, lake and seashore, that is to say, this inflatable water ball is widely used for playing center, amusement park, water games, holiday events, swimming pool and seashore scenic spot.


At first,, I found they stood in its inner, then the inflatable water ball started to work on the water, the whole feeling is very good. After they finished, my young sister asked me to come along for water games, so I also experienced it on the water, that’s really comfortable and wonderful. Most important, it can bring more cool and delight on the water.


Therefore, I also love it very much, and I think its the best gift in everyone’s birthday gift. In fact, I also love the sports very much, no matter which sports games, but the water games is the most meaningful item in my life. Therefore, I decide to buy a new one for me, in this way, I am going to bring the inflatable water ball to the beach in my next birthday festival.