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How to make a big event inside an inflatable tent

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-8-1 16:57:53
You’re planning a wedding, a birthday party, seminar, promotion or any event, but you would like to make this event in a different place than those in restaurants, hotels, etc. The inflatable tent is a response to your problem. 

           Big marquee tent for wedding Big event tent in Cube shape
           Inflatable cube tent big event Outdoor Inflatable Party Tent
           white inflatable building

What are inflatable tents? 

Inflatable tents are tents made out of PVC. They are water resistant and adjustable to every kind of environment. You can buy it in different colors and different sizes. The only task you need to do is to pick one, put some air in it and your place is ready for a big event. Nothing easier. Although it seems light it can be put on all types of surfaces, you can use it over and over again and it will not tear up. 

A wedding inside an inflatable tent 

Your son’s or daughter’s big day is coming soon, but they don’t have a place to celebrate this great event yet. Choose our tents of elegant style and make this occasion more glamorous. It is even more suitable for people who don’t want an indoor event. You can put the tent on a loan, at the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather. Some people also have a problem because they have a great number of guests on their list, and they can’t find an indoor place big enough for so many people. And here comes an inflatable tent which can be as enormous as you like, for as many guests as you like. 

A birthday party 

If it is a birthday of a child you can pick some colorful tent and let the children at the party enjoy this whole new world. They will be amazed, and if you invite a clown he will add to this fantasy. In case you are a grown up, you can organize a theme party, with a red carpet or whatever you want, and you won’t have to worry about the place of the event, just pick one out of many inflatable tents that will make your event better and adjusted to the theme. If your theme is something dark and scary, like those of Halloween, the suitable tent design would be black or with some kind of flames or scary pictures. It can be done whatever you want. 

Seminars, lectures, promotions and trade fairs 

As it is already said, events of all ranges can be held inside an inflatable tent. You can organize successful seminars and lectures. Promotions of books, songs, paintings or whatever you come up with can be realized in an inflatable tent. Also, trade fairs for cars, furniture, books etc. can be also held here. 


One of the most interesting events in a city or a town is a circus or a fair, with all those amusing merry-go-rounds, carousels and many other machines made for fun. What is against this events is the weather. It is good when it is sunny, so you can enjoy the weather and the fair, but when it gets cloudy and it starts raining the fun is over. This is not necessary if this kind of events are placed in the inflated tents, so even if it is winter these fairs don’t have to stop working. 

Buy and try! You won’t regret it.