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How to keep your car protected with an inflatable garage tent

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-29 15:44:36
You have a car but you are forced to park it in the street in front of your house or building because you do not have a garage. Don’t worry, there is a solution. This solution is called inflatable garage tent. It is made of PVC and it is easy to manage. You can buy it in different colors, according to your environment or house colors. So if your house is brown you can buy a tent of this color and adjust it as the part of your place of living. It is made in all sizes, its material is water resistant, it is made in beautiful designs and what is more important, it is not expensive.

Inflatable garage tents are tasked to protect the vehicle from theft, all forms of damage, bad weather - rain, snow, ice, sun; animals, and from many other occurrences. In this area, next to the vehicle can be disposed of other things: garden tools, bicycles, scooters, sports equipment, agricultural machines, boats. In the extreme case, an inflatable garage tent can serve as a small workshop, gardening home, storage etc.

The biggest advantages of this type of garages are that the building can be easily disassembled and assembled and transported to another location. The only thing one has to do is to put some air in it and park their car inside, or deflate it and take it on a trip. Easy to install, and suitable for a higher auto transport, trailer or something like that.

Portable inflatable garage Mobile inflatable garage tent
Mobile inflatable garage tent

Stop to the thieves

All you need to do is to choose the color and the size in order to get a new garage and make your car safe and sound. There is no need for many persons to install it, it is just you and some air. Crime is, unfortunately, the part of this world from the beginning of the time, and you can preserve your vehicle from this effect of malicious thieves who can steal your tires, radio, or eventually, steal the entire car. Inflatable garage tent will prevent these criminals of doing harm to your car.

Stop to bad weather

We all know that our cars are made of resistant materials, but even these can’t protect our cars from bad weather affection. Whether it is raining, snowing or sun shining, our car is protected inside the inflatable tent. Did it ever happen to you that in the winter you can’t start your car because the engine got frozen? Well, the inflatable tent will prevent this from happening. It makes a great isolation, so it doesn’t let the cold in. The same case is with the hot weather, where the isolation plays its role by not letting extra heat inside and keeps your car cool.

Road trip

If you like camping, the only thing you need to do is to deflate your garage tent and bring it with you. When you arrive at the place of camping you inflate it and park your car inside. Also, if you are going to visit your relatives or friends who live in another city and don’t have enough room in their garage, or don’t have an extra one, you can bring your own garage with you.

If you like this concept of garages, buy one and enjoy its advantages.