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How to choose the fashion planetarium dome for movie showing

Author: Date:2019-4-4 14:32:29
In nowadays, more and more schools would love to use the fashion planetarium dome for their movie education. In the meanwhile, many merchants are crazy about doing planetarium dome business. Although they are helpful for us, but some low quality products are provided, so that we can’t find the best one at all.

Of course, every buyer need to buy the fashion and high quality planetarium dome for their school, but how to choose the fashion planetarium dome for movie showing? This is a common question in our life, especially in the modern. Nevertheless, the good way still exist, as long as we understand it carefully.

Usually, we think the fashion things must be the latest things, the planetarium dome is the same, at least I think so. As a buyer, I have bought all kinds of the planetarium domes so far, but the latest one is always better than the old one, just as the following one.


In general, it is about 5M diam, it is made of the certified lead free projection cloth. From its function, it is suitable for movie showing.

About the specifications for sky planetarium dome, the sky planetarium dome is widely placed in all kinds of indoor or outdoor movie, different size for room requirement. It is very popular for school planetarium movie education. People will have a strong vision impact for the planetarium dome tent movie. There is an entrance for people step in or out.

In our school, the movie education is a very important class, it is held almost twice a month. Although the movie can be showed in anywhere, but the effect is different according to the environment, good showing equipment can make the movie more wonderful.

Besides, the comfortable showing room also can bring more good feeling to students, all of this made the movie education more meaningful. According to my experience, the fashion planetarium dome always can cause the attention of students. For example, as long as we used the old or common planetarium dome, many students skipped class, because the environment was very boring and could’t attract them at all.

To my surprisingly, when we installed the fashion or latest planetarium dome, no one skipped class, and all student watch the movie carefully from start to finish. That is to say, if you are looking for the planetarium dome for your movie education, please choose the latest one that is very fashion.