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How To Use Inflatable Sky Dancers

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-8-6 11:15:33
Have you ever seen an inflatable air dancer? Do you know what is it? The air sky dancer is an inflatable advertising stuff that consists of connected air tubes – legs, hands, and body. Although these products are primarily intended for the advertising and promotional purposes, you can also use them for fun, i.e. for entertainment purposes.

There is a wide range of incredible advertising items on the market today, especially the range of different inflatable advertising products. The air dancers are one of the most popular inflatable products, which have become extremely popular in the advertising world nowadays. In general, all inflatable advertising items allow you to customize every type of product by using an artwork. In our store, you can order an inflatable customized product that is created according to your needs. We can produce the inflatable products according to clients' special requirements. We have many shapes and colors for your options. With our designers, you may have a custom made advertisement and save money.

Just to mention a few air dancers you can buy in the Yolloy website:

Inflatable Air Dancers Fly Guy
Car wash air sky dancer
Lovely snowman Xmas decorations specialized inflatable man
18ft inflatable air sky dancer Black
Santa clause air sky dancer for Christmas
Giant Ghost With Top Hat Airblown Inflatable
Single leg air sky dancer wizzy world

             Inflatable Air Dancers Fly Guy Car wash air sky dancer

            lovely snowman Xmas decorations specialized inflatable man 18ft inflatable air sky dancer Black

            santa clause air sky dancer for Christmas

These are some of the most wanted inflatable air dancers, but we also have other designs – 21 sky air dancers in total. Therefore, the choice is really good, and you will probably find one that best suits your needs.


1) Material: Best quality PVC fabric
2) Size: Normal size or customize
3) Shipping: By sea or air.
4) Packing: PVC tarp bag
5) Customizable design, size, and color
6) Usage: event, party, celebrations, business promotion, openings, exhibitions, trade fairs, etc.
7) Come with the appropriate blowers (CE/UL/GS)
8) The MOQ: 1pc
9) Repair kit
10) One-year guarantee

If you have never used such a product so far, you surely wonder how to use it. It is very easy! Most importantly, it is completely safe to operate. All you need to do is to connect the particular electric blower to the valve of your sky dancer, and put the blower in operation. Its motor that sends the air into the tubes, and hence lets the sky dancer to move up and down, as well as in other directions.

As mentioned above, these products are mainly intended for the business purposes – for promotions and advertising. Whenever a promotional event is organized in your country, use Yolloy air dancers and attract as much a crowd as possible. They are the perfect advertising tools for such occasions because their unique design is able to catch the attention of people. Just inflate them by a blower, place at some attractive place, and increase your sales!

Yolloy inflatable dancers are of the highest quality, they are available in various eye-catching shapes, in giant sizes, vivid colors, and produced of the carefully selected materials. All of our sky dancers are constructed and designed with waterproof and UV-resistant materials. That's why our inflatable advertising products are above all the rest on the market.