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How To Set Up An Inflatable Water Park In Your Way

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-7 11:12:33

There are two different kinds of water parks. The most common are folding water parks with construction. The second type is an inflatable water park. They are very popular in the last few years and have many advantages compared to non-inflatable water parks. First, you can assemble them much easier and much faster than folding parks. There is no need to assemble any construction. All you need to have is electric pumps. With these pumps, you can set even the large parks in just a few minutes. In addition, they are easy to maintain and store. Not to mention the price, which is much less compared to other water parks of the same size. All these advantages make inflatable water parks very favorable to use, so more and more people around the world opt for inflatable parks. 

                                      inflatable water park

In the summer period, there are many hot days when the heat is simply unbearable and many people looking for some place where they can bathe and cool down. Many prefer swimming pools and the beaches for this purpose. However, if you want to have a great time besides the bathing, then you need to visit some water park. These parks are the perfect place for both children and grown ups, and you can find them almost in every major city and in resort areas. 

                                      Amusement inflatable floating water park

If you want to set up a large inflatable park on the water with inflatable toys, you need to consider the relevant products in the Yolloy online store. There is a wide variety of water inflatable items which are ideal for the water activities. Here are some of the most popular products of that ilk:

Inflatable rolling ball water wheel roller 
Inflatable water roller 
Inflatable pipe stick on water park 
Inflatable iceberg floating on water climbing game 
Inflatable steep sports climb water glider game 
Inflatable Saturn Rocker 
Inflatable water totter teeter for water sports splash 
Inflatable water slide with climber 
Water floating inflatable volleyball court 
Inflatable water tower climber 

Inflatable water parks are made from different materials, but you should keep the quality at high level in order to be 100 % safe for use. Therefore, use only the inflatables which are made of the best quality materials, such as clear PVC, tarpaulin and the similar. They must withstand overloading caused by jumping, bouncing, as well as to be resistant to bad weather conditions. In addition, tarpaulin and PVC are environmentally friendly (good for the nature), and can be reused after primary use for various purposes. What's more, these materials are waterproof or water-resistant, long lasting and very flexible and hence suitable for inflatable water parks as well as for other inflatable products. Many manufacturers use these fabrics due to the mentioned features. 

                                      water floating inflatable volleyball court

These parks are designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. Thus, there are small water parks in one piece which are suitable for home use and the smaller water areas, but there are also large inflatable water parks that consist of many toys and parts for playing. The large parks occupy a large surface area, so you need a large water surface to assemble them. They are mainly intended for outdoors (for big outdoor pools, rivers, sea, lakes and similar), but you can also install them in large indoor pools. Water parks can be arranged in many different ways. 

Large water parks have a wide range of different inflatables for various activities. The most used are: inflatable slides, inflatable bouncers and jumpers, splash pads, spray grounds, swimming pools and wave pools, climbing walls, recreational bathing as well as various smaller details for the little kids. So, you need to put together all these things and to make an attractive big water park. Here are some suggestions. 

                                      inflatable water tower climber

The main part of every water park is a water slide. It will be good to assemble several different slides in various sizes and designs – several smaller for young children and one big for older kids and adults. Water slides are the favorite part for many people, so try to find some attractive and high quality slides for your park. The next thing that you need to join your park is inflatable bouncer, actually a few of them. Some bouncers are big and closed from all sides, however, it is more suitable to use simple bouncy inflatables for water parks . All kids like to jump on them, and they will be able to jump from them in water. Although these parks are on the water, you can assemble some swimming pools for adults as well as smaller pools for the little kids. Also, there are various wave pools that can also be used for the water park. These pools are very popular and allow a great fun, but they are more expensive than other simple pools. 

When you assemble these main parts, it is time to put other smaller toys for children, such as climbing walls, rides, inflatable tubes as well as other toys for jumping and other activities. Your inflatable water park must be interesting and to provide numerous challenges. Simple water parks become boring after some time, so it must be heterogeneous and multifunctional a swell. Therefore, the kids can do various activities: to swim and take a bath, to jump, slide, run, crawl, climb and so on. It connects physical activity and entertainment. The people will want to come again and again with their families, and you will have customers every day. It is your main goal! 

                                      inflatable water roller

As for the organization of inflatables in the park, they can be arranged in different ways. For example, you can put the large main slide in the central part and surround it with several smaller water slides. Put the bouncers from all sides and other smaller inflatables may also be in the composition with jumpers and bouncers. Assemble the pools next to the slides, so the kids will be able to lower down in them from slides. If you have climbing wall, place it in a corner of the water park, so when someone jump from the wall he/she will not impede other people. The combinations are numerous, and everyone will arrange the water park in a different way. 

                                      Inflatable pipe stick on water park

Apart from large inflatable water parks, there are also small water parks which are suitable for backyards, indoor swimming pools and home use. Many of them are from one part, which means that you do not need to think about their arrangement. They are much cheaper than large water parks and require less area for assembling. However, these kinds of water parks are only intended for the little kids and they are not so attractive like the bigger ones. In fact, it is some kind of compound of water slides, bouncers and pools - all in one.
                                       Inflatable water totter teeter for water sports splash

Take into consideration all that is said and make the big inflatable water parks, according to your own wishes. Of course, your budget will much influence the general look of your park, as well as its the richness and diversity. Another important issue is the location where you will assemble the water park. Choose the right place for it, such as some visited part of the beach, river or some other water area where many people arrive during the summer period. Your water park must be unique, attractive and to give a lot of different possibilities for fun.