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How To Advertise Your Products With 7 Inflatable Advertizing Items

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-6-14 15:29:58
Advertising is the real science with the widely developed methodology. The advertising via inflatable items is one of the best ways to do sell something. Many companies worldwide are already using these inflatables for advertising purposes. Maybe you are wondering why they are so successful. These items are eye-catching and they draw attention a lot. Also, they are usually of large dimensions, thus there is enough space to print whatever you want on them. In addition to printing the contents, there is also possibility to offer advertizing models in a shape of your products, because many suppliers deliver custom made inflatable items.

For more info, click: http://www.yolloy.net/inflatable-advertising-model/.

1. Huge Inflatable Beer Bottles/Cans I have already mentioned that these inflatable items can be made in various shapes, so this is a great opportunity for all companies which want to have the inflatable advertizing models of their main products. The beverage industry (for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks) is one of the main users of these items. For instance, they can be designed as beer bottles or like the cans. Many suppliers offer free logo printing, so you need to provide them the logo image for reference. The picture must match the inflated bottle/can in order to your brand be noticed from afar. You can use these advertizing products for different events, however, it will be great to have several of them during the big beer festivals in your country. Moreover, you can install valve as well as a tap in their lower part, pour the beer and serve the beer from them. It will be interesting to many beer drinkers. But, make sure that the inflatable bottles are the same as the original. Cheers!


2. Big Inflatable Colorful Balloon For Promotion Among the thousands of different inflatable advertizing products, the balloons are most commonly used for company marketing all around the globe. This is because they have a large area for promotional text and balloons look attractive as well. For example, the big colorful balloon is perfect for all types of promotions. Yes, it really has a nice design with all kinds of colors for customers' selection. It's very easy to set up and put on. You just have inflate this big stuff with an electric pump, and put some fabric over it with an appropriate advertizing content. Many will say this is an expensive investment. No, this lovable balloon is pretty cheap and it is only one time investment. Its price is much less than a price of advertising via billboards or through the media. In contrast to billboards or some other outdoor advertising materials, this balloon can be set up in just a few minutes. Therefore, it is truly budget-friendly product and very affordable for everyone. What's more, no planning permission is needed when you want to install it somewhere.


3. Inflatable Arches and Archways The main advantage of arches is that they are placed in some locations where many people pass during the day (e.g. promenade, large city street, some passages, gateways and the similar), so they must go through them whether they like it or not. Inflatable arches are usually made in two main forms – as semicircular or rectangular arches. However, this chocolate designed inflatable arch has a polygonal shape, and it looks like the chocolate is pouring down it. Therefore, it is perfect for some chocolate company for advertizing as well as for all those who deal in the chocolate business. It is made from high-quality PVC fabric, and can be used anywhere for various types of promotions.


4. Large Inflatable Advertising Pillars This advertising product is shaped as a big cylinder and it is suitable for all types of promotions. All you need to do is to print your brand name as well as company image on it and to accommodate this stuff at some strategic location in town. Thus, your advertisement will be in the spotlight. Furthermore, the customers will begin to arrive in your store and it will increase your sales. The best thing related to this item is that it is very high, so it is visible even from a great distance and attracts attention to him. In comparison to other ways of advertisement, the advertisement via inflatable items is considerably cheaper method and it doesn't require a lot of space for installation. This particularly applies to the mentioned inflatable tube, because it requires only about one square meter on the sidewalk.


5. Inflatable Sky Dancers You've probably seen these funny“dancers” at some large outdoor celebrations, in football stadiums or via television. These big items move constantly in the wind due to their low weight, and therefore it looks like they dance. However, this is a good marketing trick, because while “dancing” these items attract attention of visitors and catch the public's eye. Of course you need to put on them your advertising text, company name or the image of your products. Their constant movement is likely to attract a large number of passersby and they will be interested in your advertisement. As a result, it will make your brand better known. These inflatable dancers may be used for many different events, such as sporting events, some celebration days, in the entertainment industries, for trade show and so on. While dancing, they will work for you! 


6. Inflatable Funny iPhone Mobile phone technology has became the dominant business in the field of modern technologies, so we can see some new mobile phone models in stores almost every day. In this ruthless competition, iPhones are currently the most favorite mobile phones all over the world. They allow numerous functions (nearly like a computer) and have a gorgeous design as well. Therefore, all companies as well as individuals who do business with iPhones should have an adequate advertisement. Inflatable iPhone ad like this one in the image below will be perfect for that purpose. You can place it in front of your phone store and it will show the way to your store, i.e. it will give direction to passers-by where they need to go. This phone-man really looks cute, and most importantly, it will significantly increase the number of customers.


7. Inflatable Spider Tents When you plan to arrange an outdoor exhibition, the inflatable tent are the best choice for that. There are many different models of inflatable tents on the market, however, the spider dome tents are considered to be the most successful for any kind of advertising. You can use it for business promotions, to exhibit your products or services, and to advertise whatever you want. Six legs inflatable spider tent is one of the most used models of tents for advertising. In fact, it consists of six inflated poles (that serve like its construction) and a fabric with printed logo/content spread over these poles. Company logo may be printed digitally. If you want to make a big impression during a certain promotion, use this spider tent. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor promotions. Your exposed products will be protected from the rain as well as other bad weather conditions, but they will be visible to people from all sides. Just to mention that the size can be customized according to your needs.