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How Can You Use Inflatable Air Mattresses

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-21 10:37:10

Having a good mattress today is a ’must’. But having one that you can inflate has many more advantages and uses. Depending on the size, the inflatable mattress can be used indoors or outdoors. For example, the optional low profile twin size can be taken on camping trips, or it can be moved and set aside as a guest bed for occasional visitors to easily gather on the living room floor. Also, some people put them on their car’s backseat, which is much more comfortable than sleeping in the car seat. 

One of the main advantages of the air bed, especially when used in the home as a permanent or main bed, is that it allows you to custom-strength. You can set it as a firm or soft as you please. Add more air to it to be firm, or reduced to a plush and soft surfaces. This is awesome, especially when used for guests because everyone loves their sleeping surface a bit different. 

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          Tumble track inflatable air mat for gymnastics

Sleeping on inflatable mattress 

If you have back problems, try this kind of mattress. The impression you will get is like lying, or maybe floating on a cloud. And all the pain will be diminished. It’s the best advantage is that you can put it wherever you want. If you don’t like your old bed, put your mattress in the bedroom and sleep on it. 

Unexpected guests 

There’s a knock at the door, and suddenly your best friends from another city are standing in front of you. They’re going to stay over the night. Don’t let them share the uncomfortable couch. Get your inflatable mattress out of the locker, and just by putting some air in it, you will help yourself become a wonderful host and give your friends unforgettable and pleasant night. 

Let your children have fun 

We all know that when we were children one of the silliest things that we used to was jumping on our beds and pretending we could fly. But after some time, the mattress on our bed would be ruined. Nowadays, our children have another option - inflatable mattresses. Kids can bounce on it as long as they want to, and their parents don’t have to be afraid that they will destroy it. And what’s even more important, your kids will have immense fun. 


If you’re preparing to go camping for several days with your friends or family, it would be a pity to sleep on the ground. It is cold and uncomfortable. There is a simple solution. Take a bag and put an inflatable mattress in it. It doesn’t need much space and it’s not heavy, but it will afford you to have quality time in nature, enjoying it’s all benefits. 

Holidays at the seaside 

One thing that you mustn’t forget when going on a holiday to the seaside is your inflatable mattress. You can take a nap at the beach, or sunbathe on it. And if you don’t feel like swimming, you can put it in the water, lay on it and just float, and enjoy the dance of the waves.