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Halloween inflatable haunted castle tent with various appearances

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-9-20 17:38:41
Do you feel that most of the tents are have the same appearances or similar shapes? They are all in a round shape or ellipse or square. And many of them are pure color in white, black or other colors. So the new tents which called Halloween inflatable haunted castle tent can attract more people’s attention than other tents, because they have various appearances and colorful colors. Like the one shows in the picture, it looks like a castle and has two inflatable animal in front of it. Except this one, there are others which look like a house, a mouth of fish and so on.
Halloween inflatable haunted castle tent


As its name shows, this kind of tent is a good choice for kids to spend their Halloween in it. On the Halloween day, children always like to pretend as a monster or evil spirits to scare the adults or to ask for candies door by door. After they ask for candies, let them play with other kids in the Halloween inflatable haunted castle tent will be a fantastic thing for them. During night, it will be an exciting thing for kids to play in the tents when there are some fantastic entertainment facilities in the fantastic tents.

You may have a question that whether the tent can contain for many kids. And I will tell you that your worry is redundant. The Halloween inflatable haunted castle tents have different sizes, and we can make it into the size that the customer required. When you are ordering for this kind of tents, you can tell us what sizes you need. And several days later, you can receive the one which is suitable for you. so, the amount of kids is not a problem for you .

As for the quality of the Halloween inflatable haunted castle tents, it is guaranteed! They are made with the best quality material and accessories in China now. And the sawing is in best technology, too. The tents are made reinforcestrips at the bottom joint and each corner. So when the kids are playing in it, you do not need to worry about that the safety of your kids and the tent will be broken. It is durable, and you can use it for several years.

However, the Halloween inflatable haunted castle tents can not only use on the Halloween day, but also can be use in other occasions, like some costume balls or playing centers.