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Giant inflatable labyrinth game on beach

Author: Date:2012-11-27 17:23:25
 The giant inflatable maze on the beach is the biggest labyrinth in the world designed by a Germany Architect. The air maze game is with size of 60m x 30m and there are 6 doors. The owner can make adjust to the large labyrinth to make it easier or harder to get out.
The large air labyrinth game is really a huge attractive on this beach and bring much fun to the tourist.

As a inflatable manufacture in China, we can produce the inflatable maze game for you. 3 years quality warranty for every inflatable labyrinth we produce. And we also have many other air labyrinth games, single mode or double mode. You can choose any model you like.
air maze game IS-124Inflatable labyrinth game IS-123labyrinth double mode IS-122