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Giant and Large Inflatables

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-19 12:52:11

In Yolloy online shop you can purchase a variety of outstanding, high-end inflatables of all sorts, ranging from small stuff to giant toys and tents. Of course, the large inflatables are mainly intended for the commercial and business purposes rather than for home use. 

Giant inflatables are specially designed and created to prominently represent a logo of your company and the similar promotional messages, since they are easy to notice and draw attention even from the distance. You can set up such products either indoors or out, but try to install them at some visible location where a large number of people pass by. These giant inflatables are perfect advertising solution if you are looking to drive more attention to your products, brands, services, and the like. 

Let's see some giant inflatables you can purchase in the Yolloy store, by categories: 

Inflatable outdoor tents: 

Party Inflatable Marquee, shelter tent for sports events 
Giant Paintball play arena tent 
Giant inflatable structure tent turtle dome 
Giant inflatable structure tent 
Large white inflatable party event marquee tent 

        large white inflatable party event marquee tent Giant inflatable stucture tent

        Giant inflatable sturcture tent turtle dome Party Inflatable Marquee, shelter tent for sports events

        Giant Paintaball play arena tent

Inflatable Water Toys: 

Amusement inflatable floating water park 
Outdoor water amusement park for water sports 
Inflatable Water Amusement Park 

Inflatable water park Interactive Sports Games: 

Large Dry Gulch Zipline--mobile inflatable zip line 
Huge inflatable mobile zip line interactive sports 
Amazon zip line inflatable for kids party business rental 
Inflatable portable zip line for Interactive Sport Games 
Inflatable maze interactive inflatable labyrinth games 
Inflatable sports bungee run around 
Challenge Inflatable Backyard Obstacle course 

Human Table football inflatable giant football pitch Commercial Inflatable Slides: 

Giant inflatable Kraken Wow slide with large octopus 
Batman inflatable slide with obstacles course combo 
Inflatable carpenter worm slide for kids party 
Colorful for steeple in fairy tale inflatable slide 

Alien invasion large inflatable slide Inflatable advertising models: 

Outdoor giant Santa Claus inflatable Christmas 
Giant Santa inflatable Christmas decoration 
Christmas decorations giant snowman inflatable outdoor 
Giant Ghost With Top Hat Airblown Inflatable 
Giant inflatable sky air dancers 

As you can see, the choice is really huge if you are looking for the giant size inflatables. By the way, you can order on our website the customized inflatables, regarding the size and other features, and we will make an inflatable product according to your need. Don't be afraid of such a big size because even the largest inflatable products can be installed in just a few minutes with the electric blowers. All you need to do is to attach the hose of a certain inflatable product to the blower and turn it on. Your giant item will rise in a couple of minutes. 

All giant inflatables from the Yolloy store come along with the tether lines in order to secure them as well as with the compatible blower system. Our giant inflatables will certainly provide an impact once you set them up on pavements, rooftops, sidewalks, parks, grass areas, and anywhere you want to draw attention.