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Find Out About Clear Snow Inflatable Dome Tents – Their Features and How To Use Them

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-6-21 11:35:44

In the category of the inflatable dome tent, one of the most interesting tents are bubble-shaped transparent tents, also known as clear dome tents. These wonderful tents are made of transparent fabrics, mainly from PVC and tarpaulin. One special kind of clear inflatable dome tents is snow dome tent. Its name associates to snow and winter, however, this amazing tent can be used for the events throughout the year. It got such a name because of its arrangement. These tents are often arranged with the big images of winter and snow, although you can add any other image inside the tent, and that's why such a name “snow dome”. 

                                      inflatable snow globe

It is very easy to inflate, set up and maintain snow inflatable dome tents, since they have easy-to-use construction, and have small size compared to other inflatable tents. Actually, they are usually from 2 to 3 m in diameter only. Due to the small size and low weight, it is pretty easy to carry them and move from one place to another. For installation, you need to use a special electric pump, so-called blower. Connect this blower to the entry tube of snow tent, and off course, turn on the blower. Your snow dome will start “growing” quickly, and you can have a ready-to-use dome in just a couple of minutes.
                                      outdoor snow ball for holiday party stage and other events

The great news for all outdoor lovers and who love to spice up their lives with amazing adventure trips like mountaineering and hiking. You must be wondering what is the stuff I am talking about. Let me unveil the suspense now, Guys, it’s an Inflatable snow dome. It is light weighted so you can carry it easily with your backup that means no extra luggage. It is the best option for the frequent traveler and also for people who love to spend their vacations doing mountaineering and hiking in winters. The best part of this tent is that they are available as transparent snow domes, that are designed in a globe style. No mess and arrangement issues, just inflate your tent and enjoy your vacations.
                                      transparent snow dome for Christmas party event

We all love gatherings with friends and family. If you are planning for a weekend get-together, then snow tent can be of great help. You can use it for theme parties or any other celebration. Whether it’s for kids or grown-ups it suits and matches everyone needs. Without any extra effort, you just have to install it and arrange for your convenience. 
                                      Inflatable Snow Globe

The snow inflatable dome can solve your problem in many ways. In winters, you cannot stop kids from playing. Therefore, get your snow tent and fix it indoor now you can keep an eye on your kids while playing and there will be zero stress concerning their safety. You can use your snow dome anywhere, anytime it works great in every season. It can be used in winters even its snow falling and it's made up of sun defense material, therefore, no risk of melting. You can fix the snow dome very conveniently with the help of pump inflate the tent within no time and set it anywhere inside out of your house. 

For more info, click: http://www.yolloy.net/Clear-Inflatable-Dome-Tent/.