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Deflation and Packing Instructions

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-5-22 16:36:42
 Before Deflation

· Clean and dry Game ( See GAME CLEANING )
Be sure there is a quality broom or air blower available to sweep the Game surface free of any debris. Check to make sure that no sharp objects have fallen into the seams of the Game, ie. pens, pencils, etc. . . Items such as these can cause damage to the Game during the rolling up process.

· Inspect for any damage and repair as necessary.

· Before breaking down any Game, you should remove all accessories that may be applicable to that Game. This may include items such as harnesses, backing plates, bungee cords, etc... Buckle any plastic snaps to reduce the possibility of entanglement in the mesh.

· Do not allow any persons near the rear of the Game or near the electric Blower Fan at any time.

Deflating the Game

1. Unplug the electric Blower Fan at the power source.

2. Loosen inflation tube strap and remove the tube from the Blower Fan cone. Make sure the tube is pulled away from the fan and straightened, so it can be used allowing air to escape during deflation.

3. Open and secure any deflation flaps on the Inflatable Game.
Allow the Game to drop in a natural state. An Inflatable Game will take between 5-15 minutes to completely deflate.

4. Walls may have a tendency to fall outward. These will need to be repositioned back towards the middle of the Game before folding.

DO NOT SHIFT THE GAME BASE WHILE DEFLATING. Moving the Base of the Game will make proper folding difficult.

5. While the Game is deflating, remove any stakes then place Blower Fan and extension cord in storage.

6. Earlier in these instructions you were advised to note the location of the Outside Seams. Generally these are indicated by a colored Binding Strip along the Base of the Game. Once the Game has deflated, fold the outside walls inwards towards the middle. Try to make this fold as neat and flat as possible. You will now SEAM OUT the game, by pulling out and exposing the Outside Seams.

7. Folding - You will need a second person to assist in folding the Game. Fold the Game into thirds, one side at a time. Walk down each side and straighten out the fold where necessary. Once you make the folds you will notice that there is air still inside the Game. Start at the front and walk in stocking feet towards the rear of the Game to push out and remove any remaining air.

When completed, the Game should be approximately 3-4 feet in width x the length of the Game.

8. Game Roll - Before rolling, make sure at least one of the Inflation Tubes is extended from the Game to allow any remaining air to escape. Air will be forced out as the Game is rolled. Remember that inflation/deflation tubes will eventually need to be tucked inward.

DO NOT ROLL GAME FROM THE REAR. Future set-up is much easier when the Game is properly rolled.

9. Flatten end tightly and roll the Game as you would a sleeping bag, keeping outside edges even. Roll the Game all the way and cover any metal rings, buckles and snaps to prevent abrasion to the play area and surface of the Inflatable Game.

10. The finished roll will be very heavy and a game strap should be used to secure the roll once complete. Place strap ends between the metal buckles and the game surface to reduce abrasions to the Game while in transport and storage.

11. Stand Game up on its end, placing storage bag over it and cover. Work Game Bag down to bottom, then stand it on the opposite end and close the bag.

Larger Units will use a Game Wrap that the Inflatable Game can be easily rolled onto. Game Wrap panels are then pulled over the Game and secured with ties.

12. The Inflatable Game is now ready for proper storage and you are ready for your next event. . .