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Clear snow globe with air mat

Author:yolloy Date:2018-12-20 17:46:11
Winter is the best season for creating romantic atmosphere. There are so many festivals during winter. In the western country, we have the Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, during which the streets are lively and crowded with people. We almost get tired to the changeless decoration every year we saw on the street. Nothing could compare with the fresh feeling if you see an inflatable tent being put on the street. Yet, this is what I want to introduce to you, the clear snow globe with air mat.

As you can see in the picture, this kind of inflatable tent is made up of two parts. The first part is the transparent dome, the second part is the thick air mat. The two parts are connected together well and it give people an illusion that a common toy of our youth has turn out to be a kind of landmark! Yes, this is really fantastic. The huge inflatable dome tent is just like a music box, which broadcast not songs, but the laugh of people who are kids or adult alike.

One of the function of this tent is that it can be decorated into different themes and be used in any situation that needs something to set off the atmosphere. When it is Christmas Day, a tiny Christmas tree can be put into the tent, altogether with decorations like boxes of gifts, manmade deer toy, or even an emulational Santa Claus. This combination will make it a great picture for celebration. People will feel the considerate care from the merchant if you are an owner of a shop and want to attract clients.

Also, this kind of inflatable tent is not just can be applied to sightseeing. It is playable. As the air mat is soft and bouncy, kids can climb on it and hold a little party of their own. The can jump on the mat, singing and dancing. It will be great fun to see a cluster of children enjoying their time on the clear snow globe with air mat.

This kind of inflatable tent is very durable, because the material we use is of high quality. Thus, you don’t have to worry about its capacity, kids can feel free to jump on it. Of course, this kind of tent is not just limited to winter. You can decorate it as imaginary as your imagination could stretch. This is a user-friendly tent

I guess you will love your choice and will not be regretful once you make your mind to possess one. It will be a great bargain!