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Clear bubble tree inflatable lawn tent for camping

Author:inflatable lawn tent Date:2013-9-8 21:18:15

We have been told for years that we should alternate work with rest. Therefore, going camping is one of the most favorable choices for family members to relax from the heavy work.But nowadays, people require for higher level of living conditions, in the light of this statement, people are seeking better ways to enjoy their every precious holidays. But it is really frustrating to set up a complex tent, especially when you don’t have much time to do so. To deal with this problem, a new kind of tent is created, that is, clear bubble tree inflatable lawn tent.

As it is shown in the picture, this kind of tent is very special. It has a transparent dome space with a tunnel for entering. This design is perfect for camping in the wild. It is just like a temporary house which doesn’t require much time to set up. As it is inflatable, you just have to blow it up taking a few minutes. The comfort and convenience will pay for your patient waiting. The bottom of the tent is thick and soft, which is capable to be put on the lawn. The material to make this clear bubble tree inflatable lawn tent is watertight and wind proof. Therefore, even if the lawn is wet, it will not make bad effect on the use of the tent. And sometimes, the wind in the wild is fierce. But you don’t have to worry that the tent will be blown away or torn away. Once you have fixed the tent on the grass, you could be pleased to enjoy your camping.

The material to make the dome part is transparent, which will not be an obstacle for you to look through the tent. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery easily. Just imagine a quite night when you put a bed in the tent and lie on it, watching a cluster of stars twinkling above you, you might be fascinated by the fantastic scene. The tunnel has zipper, it can prevent any insects from entering into the tent and disturb your rest. This kind of inflatable dome tent is made imitating the residence of the Eskimo. Its shape is very interesting, which will attract the kids. If you substitute your old tent with this new fashion one, your kids must be very happy, it will give them an unforgettable experience.

You may be wondering where to buy this nice tent. Here is our websitehttp://www.yolloy.net/, you can click in and glance over all the information you are interested in.

We hope that you can find your preference and we promise that we will provide you with the best inflatable tent that no other factory could compare with. Take action right now!