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Clear Inflatable Dome Tents--Commercial Grade

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-6-12 14:36:15
Inflatable tents are easy to use, easy to maintain and suitable for different occasions. Among these tents, bubble tents are the most interesting due to their captivating design as well as due to the many advantages. You can use these tents either in your backyard or in nature if you love outings, picnics or to camper out. In addition, bubble tents are also suitable for indoor activities – for promotions, exhibitions and for many other purposes.


What is so appealing in these tents? First, they really look amazing, especially those bubble tents which are made from transparent fabrics. Second, they can be used for a variety of situations. Finally, there is no need to assemble any constructions, unlike the other tents. That's why many people use inflatable bubble tents and they are always in great demand. Today, I will present you several bubble inflatable tents – with their images and their main features as well. If you want to see all the clear inflatable tents, just click on: http://www.yolloy.net/Clear-Inflatable-Dome-Tent/.


Snow dome tent

The first one is designed as a snow dome tent. What does it mean? It means that such bubble tents are primarily intended for the winter and the winter ambiance with snow. Therefore, this tent is ideal for New Year's holidays, Christmas, as well as other events during the winter. As you know, winter has started in many parts of the world, so it is the right time now to have such a tent. Think about it!


                                               inflatable snow globe


Inflatable igloo lighting dome

This tent is also suitable for winter. It is designed as an Eskimo igloo, however, it's not made of snow, but of the PVC tarp fabric. If you have the little children, I recommend this tent to you. Your kids will have a great time while playing inside the igloo inflatable tent in the backyard, particularly when it snows. It's not only for the game, you can also use this beautiful tent for other purposes – camping, various events, promotions, and so on.

                                              inflatable igloo lighting dome



Large inflatable life size snow globes

The next inflatable clear tent comes with numerous “ribs”, which gives hi a special charm. It is significantly greater in comparison with the previous bubble tents. There is a plenty of space inside, so you can use it for a large number of people when making a celebration, family gathering or any other event. Ribbed bubble tent is perfect for both outdoor and indoor events.

                                               large inflatable life size snow globes



Inflatable Camping Clear Tent

These tents are made as a transparent globe with tunnels in compositions, which serve as exit/entrance to the tent. You can use them in grassy areas (lawns, meadows and the like) or in enclosed spaces. They fit all environments!

                                               Inflatable Camping Clear Tent



Double Inflatable Bubble Lodge Tents

If you need a good tent for camping, I recommend you this one. It looks very nice, and more importantly, it is a good shelter in nature. Just to mention that these tents can be customized, in terms of the size and shape, according to your wish.

                                               Double Inflatable Bubble Lodge Tents