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Clear Inflatable Dome Tents--Commercial Grade

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-4-3 14:08:34
Inflatable tents are easy to use, easy to maintain and suitable for different occasions. Among these tents, bubble tents are the most interesting due to their captivating design as well as due to the many advantages. You can use these tents either in your backyard or in nature if you love outings, picnics or to camper out. In addition, bubble tents are also suitable for indoor or outdoor activities exhibitions and for many other purposes.


What is so appealing in these tents? First, they really look amazing, especially those bubble tents which are made from transparent fabrics. Second, they can be used for a variety of situations. Finally, there is no need to assemble any constructions, unlike the other tents. That's why many people use inflatable bubble tents and they are always in great demand.

For the inflatable bubble tent,normally we make it in two styles,one is single layer and one is double layer.Here i recommend some hot sale models for your reference,hope you will be interested in.


Style 1-single layer 

 inflatable clear bubble tent 4m clear inflatable tent for yard half transparent bubble tent



For the style 1, we made it by a tunnel(air tube frame) and a part of dome.We make the air tube frame in air tight.And the air tube need the air pump to inflate it,it can keep the shape several days after once inflated.The dome is not air tight, there is a zip door on the tent to keep ventilation,so the tent also needs air blower connect the power to keep blowing.



Style 2-  double layer  

clear Inflatable event dome inflatable igloo lighting dome Airtight Clear Dome Tent



For the style 2 models are sealed structure,we use professional heat sealing machine to build inside and outside double heat sealing.It need the air pump to make it inflate and after once inflated,it can keep the shape for few days,will not need the electric power to inflate it all the time.


If you want to see more models,please just click on: http://www.yolloy.net/Clear-Inflatable-Dome-Tent/