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Top 5 Online Stores To Buy The Best Inflatable Tents

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-4-11 17:30:36
Are you interesting in buying the inflatable tent? When looking to buy these tents, you must require the best quality tents. Many people already used the inflatable tents, seeing their advantage compared to other tents on the market. They are easy to set up, easy to decorate, can be stored easily, and look very attractive. That's why more than 10,000,000 all around the globe use these tents. However, when buying an inflatable building, you must be sure this tent has the best performances. There are more than 100 online stores where you can buy these tents. But, which 5 are the best of the best? In the following content, you will see top 5 online stores for inflatable tents at this point. 

1. Yolloy 

If you want to buy the high-quality inflatable outdoor tents, the best online store for these buildings is Yolloy. Located in Guangzhou in China, this is the best supplier for inflatable tents. Not only the tents, they also offer other inflatable products, such as inflatable toys (water park toys, inflatable slides, bouncy houses, jumping castles, and paintball bunkers), various sports games, mascot costumes, and different advertising models. You can find this online store by clicking the link: http://www.yolloy.net/. Here, you can find the following air tents:
         Outdoor inflatable tents – inflatable dome tents, cube tents, tunnel tents, various air shelters, car tents (garages), as well as other inflatable outdoor tents. 
             Portable planetarium tents in different sizes (4, 5, 6, 8 and 10m tents), and different colors (dark blue, black and green tents). Also, they have the big, portable projection dome tents. 
             Clear (transparent) inflatable tents – bubble clear tents and snow dome tents. 

2. Tobbox 

Another online store from China that offer a variety of quality inflatable tents. Tobbox works in maintaining and selling different types of air buildings. The customers have support every day by devoted staff and products design. In addition to quality products, this online store also has a quality customer service. Wanting to visit this store? Here's the link: http://www.tobbox.com/. 

3. eBay 

There is no doubt that this American e-commerce company and the multinational corporation is the best online store in the world. However, when it comes to the inflatable tents, this is not the leading online store. The quality of their air tents is not so good. 

4. Amazon.com 

Another American electronic commerce which sells the products of all sorts. You can find different inflatable tents in this place, however, the shipping time is too long. Also, they don't sell custom inflatable tents. All in all, the fourth place in this list is the real state for Amazon store. 

5. Alibaba Group 

Finally, the last online store for inflatable tents is Alibaba Group. this is a Chinese company that provides business sales services as well as consumer-to-consumer service through their website. Also, it provides different electronic payment services, as well as the shopping and cloud computing services. As for the inflatable tents, this online store is not so equipped. That's why Alibaba online store is in the last place.