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Big white inflatable building tent for wedding

Author:inflatable building tent Date:2013-10-12 8:54:59

As the living standard of the people continues to improve, people are becoming more and more interested in going camping in the wild. Not only do they enjoy the scenery of the nature, but also they want to leave some precious memory in the wild. Some real enthusiast even want to hold their wedding in the wild. That comes the problem, how to ensure the wedding to be held successfully?

A lot of people start to step out their concrete houses and to feel the full of vigor of the nature in the wild. What is necessary for that is the tent. Although all the tents at present are not too difficult to bring with, yet if you take sleep bag and something for creating a damp proof environment, you will stagger destructively with all these heavy things.

In order to make it an easier task, and to guarantee the comfort of your wedding, a kind of wonderful tent comes out. That is the big white inflatable building tent for wedding.

As long as you use this kind of inflatable tent, you will have a dry and comfortable environment to hold a wedding.

This inflatable tent is designed to be in cone shape. Its surface is made of two layers of air tight material on both sides. The interior is divided into two parts, one of which is the upper part, another is the lower part for sleeping. The lower part is thick, so it is very comfortable and soft to step on. Both parts have an air tap which is used for inflating and deflating. After deflating, it can be folded like paper. When it is needed to be used as a shelter for a short rest or to pass the night, you can blow air into it to let it mold. It will stand still after you inflate it. After that, just use ropes to fix it to the ground easily, in order that it won’t be blew away by the swaying wind.

Compared with the traditional tent, its superiorities mainly reveal in the following aspect.

Firstly, it is free from metals which make it lighter. Secondly, the inflatable mattress make it comfortable to step on and is damp proof. Thirdly, as it is inflatable, you can use it as a boat on the lake. Besides, as it has double layers, it is good in holding heat.

In a word, this kind of inflatable tent is really nice!