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Best Inflatable Buildings To Arrange An Event

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-10-7 15:21:01
When you want to arrange an event, whatever it is, you should consider buying inflatable buildings. With such structures, you can make a party, wedding, business meeting, exhibition, and so on. These tents are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. They are made of durable weather-proofing fabric and hence they can resist the rain, UV sun rays, temperature extremes, and more. Furthermore, they are simple to use due to the easy installation and maintenance. Due to the lightweight materials (PVC and tarpaulin), these tents are easy to carry and move from one place to another. The materials which they are made from are convenient for digital printing, so you can put your logo or some other content on them, which is good for the promotional purposes.

We have a great experience in supplying of inflatable tents and other structures, and we cooperate with the clients all over the world. We cover both standard event buildings, such as Inflatable Domes, Cube Tents, Spider Dome Tents, Inflatable Event Stations, Inflatable Tunnels, and the custom designed inflatable structures, according to customers requirements. When ordering the certain building, you should determine the size, and other details such as color and door entrances, branding, etc.

Let's see a few inflatable buildings you can purchase in Yolloy store that are perfect for the events of all sorts.

Inflatable Spider Dome Tents

These inflatable tents have a very simple design but they are beautiful structures which we offer in different sizes, ranging from 4m in diameter upwards to 10m in diameter or even larger if you want. Inflatable spider dome tents can also be made of various fabrics in order to suit the particular operational considerations. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage, so you can use it for all kind of events and in different occasions. The Inflatable Spider Tents are also known as Inflatable Event Stations. They have a removable top canopy, which comes with a velcro removable banner or has a full printed surface.

Some inflatable spider tents have the removable zipper doors, enabling the whole tent to be totally enclosed from all sides. With regards to the doors, they are made in the solid colors or can be transparent to let the light in.

Bespoke Inflatable Buildings

In addition to the standard building designs, there are also bespoke designed buildings and we create custom designed inflatable structures. For that purpose, we adapt the existing inflatable structures in our shop or make a completely unique building design according to client needs.

Our custom-made inflatable buildings can be intended for both outdoor and indoor event. As for the materials, there is a range of quality fabrics, both ultra lightweight and heavy gauge materials, depending on clients needs. These structures are also convenient for digital printing, and it is possible to print a banner both inside and outside. What's more, it can cover the full surface of a tent if you like. By the way, we can also print can print your branded message onto velcro removable panels.

These structures can be lighted by different LED lights. There is a range of lighting systems from LED systems to Halogen units. This way, your bespoke building will be more attractive, especially for the night events.

Inflatable Domes and Igloos

Inflatable dome tents are very popular designs and they are the most used inflatable buildings, simply because they are ideal for all events. We offer a wide range of domes and igloos, from single skinned ribbed buildings to smooth dome structures with full-surface digital print. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. As for the shape, dome tents are made as a simple single structure and complex buildings with a few cupolas. We can design the inflatable domes and igloos with multi-zones tunnel entrances. They are available in small sizes as well as huge domes that can cover up to 200 people. Also, there is a broad range of colors as well as print options in order to suit your corporate image.

These inflatable structures offer a great way to arrange your event in all weather conditions. For example, they are ideal for music events, business meetings, exhibitions, crowd cover, presentation platforms, product sampling, and product launches. You can use them for either sitting or standing events. We also manufacture more specialist inflatable domes and igloos, such as 'Inflatable Projection Tents'. They have a special inner skin that is intended for projecting. Thus, they are some kind of amphitheater with a 360-degree projection.

Besides the inflatable igloos and domes, we also sell the planetarium inflatable tents. In fact, this is a type of dome tent with a specific design. They are available in different sizes, and you can purchase them in a blue and black color.

Inflatable Cube Buildings

Inflatable cubes are designed as an inflatable room for events and they are available in a variety of sizes and designs. These structures offer a temporary shelter for different events, such as music event, conferencing, demonstrations, meeting, lounges, exhibitions, and presentation rooms. These cube tents are offered in various designs, including ribbed-walls structures, buildings with smooth walls, or even complex tents. They are made of the lightweight fabrics, and therefore are very ease to set up and carry.

Inflatable Pod-Clamshell

These buildings are shaped in the design of a clamshell. They have an elegant design, nice appearance, and often come with the ribbed walls. Inflatable clamshells have a self-closing system, so you can easily close them by pulling the outer walls together. It can completely enclose its internal area, or be opened letting the people view the inside of the room. As well as the other inflatable buildings, these tents are also available in various sizes and heights.

They are perfect for either indoor outdoor exhibitions, conference events, as well as everywhere you need the privacy of small groups. In addition, you can use such a structure for demonstration and low-key interviewing area, since it can be easily and quickly installed in five minutes. As far as the material, the clamshell buildings in our store are made of lightweight material and come in its own carrier bag. If you want an inflatable building for a small event, it is a cheaper and lighter weight alternative to inflatable cubes and domes.

Inflatable Tunnels

Inflatable tunnels are one of our simplest inflatable buildings in terms of design. However, these tents are ideal for the Inflatable Stage Covers, Storage facilities, Inflatable sampling stations, Sports Events, as well as for car servicing. They are made in different sizes, so you can purchase a tunnel from 5m to 30m Long or even greater. Also, there is a possibility for full surface branding, and we can print your content on the outside surface of your tent or on the removable banners. When it comes to the wall surface, the inflatable tunnels have the ribbed external walls or smooth external surface. Further, these tunnels come with removable back/front walls or are closed at both ends.

In addition to these inflatable buildings, you can also find other structures in Yolloy online store that can be used for the events. Therefore, next time you want to make an event, take into considerations the inflatable buildings presented on our website.