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All the fun inflatable zorb ball race track

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2018-11-29 17:08:45

Why should inflatable zorb ball race track have all the fun?! Looking for inflatable zorb ball race track, “Zorbies”or Zorb balls in Dallas TX? We got them! Our Zorb balls are a unique and exciting way to experience the thrill of 360 degree fun. Whether standing up or sitting down, you’ll have a blast rolling around. For even more fun, add a second Zorb balls to create competitions.

The Zorb track is over 3.5 tall and is a perfect activity for both adults and kids. Also known as “Zorbing”, these balls are not only a blast to play in, they are a great work-out too. Get your Zorb Balls in today!

Zorb Balls in track. Big enough (and safe enough) for both kids and adults. Turn your next inflatable zorb ball event into a mind-blowing match-up. Experience 360 degree fun in a whole new way with our inflatable zorb ball race track! You can compete side by side in thrilling races or roll freely across our 14m long,8m wide inflatable track.

Zorbing is a new and exciting interactive sport and are a great fun to your party or large event including high school, backyard parties, carnivals and corporate team building. Zorbs can be used like human hamster balls.