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All You Need To Know About Inflatable Buildings In YOLLOY Online Store

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-6-20 14:37:00
Inflatable building.gs are structures constructed using two layers of membrane connected together using spars made from the same material. the cavity formed between the two layers is filled with air to produce a rigid structural element which allows large structures to be achieved. Inflatable buildings are more preferred than the air-support buildings because they don’t need airlocks since air is trapped between a layer of membrane. In air-support buildings air can be lost when doors are opened since the entire space of the building is pressurized. 

Yolloy is a company that has specialized on the supplying of inflatables for many years. Our team has a wide range of experience on inflatable houses. When planning to buy any inflatable buildings We would recommend that you consider products from Yolloy since you are assured of quality products and affordable prices. We offer technical team assistance when called upon.
                                                   transparent double layer inflatable dome tent 

At Yolloy, we offer inflatable buildings which provide the best experience to those using them. The inflatables are simple to erect and use since they only require pressurized air within the cavities of the walls and does not require airlocks. This gives the inflatable building with a serene environment and a normal atmospheric pressure. The trapping of air between membranes requires less power for continuous use. 

Through a series of scientific research, Yolloy engineering team has come up with a relatively low procedure of making the inflatable buildings. The membranes are less than 1 mm thick ensuring the air trapped to be incredibly low. This makes the inflatable buildings be efficient in terms of the amount of raw materials used to construct them.
Inflatable buildings are easier to transport from one place to another. This is major because of the low amount of materials used to construct the inflatable buildings. To move an inflatable building one just needs to let the air escape enabling the entire building to be packed into a smaller place compared to its inflated size. 

                                      Big marquee tent for wedding

Different types of inflatable buildings are offered at Yolloy online store. Dome inflatable offer a wide floor space compared to the size of the structure. Also, dome tents offer an excellent comfortable environment. Due to their excellent floor size dome inflatable act as temporary storage which occupies minimal space hence ideal for hired grounds. 

Together with your inflatable structure, you are also provided with a 3-year warranty an operating manual, tether lines and stakes protecting bag sometimes Yolloy provides 4 you with a fan blower depending on the kind of structure you purchase. Inflatable structures are easy to stabilize by placing sand bags inside the inflated structure and tying the attached ropes to nearby barriers.
                                      5m Planetarium dome tent

The inflatable building uses air for inflation. Air can either be pumped into the structure using either a 240v electric fan unit or a petrol powered unit. This makes the structure usable even in remote places where there is no electric power. The alternative petrol powered unit assures you that the event will not come to a stop if there power outage on the planned day. It is only at Yolloy where quality is not compromised. Shop with us for your events inflatable building and you will never regret. 

For more info, click: http://www.yolloy.net/Outdoor-Inflatable-Tents/, and http://www.yolloy.net/Portable-Planetarium-Dome/, and http://www.yolloy.net/Clear-Inflatable-Dome-Tent/.