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A welcome sport---inflatable basketball sport

Author:inflatable basketball sport Date:2013-3-24 18:29:20

Do you like playing basketball or just like shooting at the basket? Whichever you like, I think inflatable basketball sport is well suitable for you and you must be satisfied with it because of its special design. How special is it? After my introduction, I am sure that you will be fond of it.

First, let us look at the picture. The inflatable basketball sport is about 5 meters in length, 4 meters in width and 4 meters in height. We can also see there are 4 baskets in different height on the inflatable wall. From this, we can easily know that it is suitable for different statured people. In addition, if you have special requirement in the size or the height of the basket, our manufacturers will be glad to design the special one for you according to your demand.

Without doubt, with the inflatable basketball sport, people will have a great time at their leisure as well as building up a strong body. Not only adults but also children can enjoy it.

For one thing, for those people who like playing basketball and want to improve their skill on shooting at the basketball, inflatable basketball sport can certainly do the help. In their free time, they can practice shooting at the basket or the running jump shot. What’s more, they can invite their friends to join them. In someone’s backyard, a group of friends compete on shooting at the basket. How pleased they will be!

For another thing, thanks to the well considerate design on the height of the baskets, children can also enjoy themselves with the inflatable basketball sport. To be honest, it’s good for children’s growth to do exercise especially playing basketball from childhood. Moreover, because of the inflatable design, it’s safe for children to play and even though they fall over themselves on it, they won’t be hurt. So children can have fun enjoy themselves without being hurt. In regard of this, I think parents will be satisfied with this kind of sport for their kids.

Knowing about the various advantages of the inflatable basketball sport, maybe you are also concerned about its quality. I must say that our products are made of the best PVC tarpaulin which is fire retardant and water-proof and all has passed SGS and EN71 certification. So with high quality and competitive price, it deserves being popular among people.

Now if you have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us.