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A fashion inflatable spider dome tent is good for your promotions

Author:yolloy inflatables Date:2018-9-27 15:50:05
Whenever you wander the department store, you can see the different promotions for different products. Wherever you go, you also can see all kinds of the promotions for different consumers. Anyway, the business men would love to hold the promotions for sale in order to get more profits.

As a business man, I also love to hold a promotions for wholesale every week. In this way, a lot of part-time employees also is employed by me, as long as the promotions start, they can come here for work timely. As we all know, the promotions always is held in outdoor, I also should prepare something for out outdoor works.

According to the whole promotions, I think the outdoor inflatable spider dome tent is very important to us and our customers. We know that the weather can change the everything in outdoor, such as the rain, the wind, the snow and the other yellow sand weather. Of course, the promotions need to be insisted the whole day, so the outdoor inflatable tent should be installed there, only this the business can be operated normally.

As matter of the fact, we have used the inflatable spider dome tent for our promotions for several years, the effect is not bad. Nevertheless, the business men need to pursue the more huge profits through selling their products. To my surprisingly, the latest inflatable tent is more satisfactory for us, such as the following one, it is also very fashion in these days.

  Inflatable spider dome tent for during festivals

This is an inflatable spider dome tent for during festivals, the size is about 8mx8mx4.5m, the weight is about 91kg. Usually, it can be used in promotions, advertising, celebration, wedding, exhibition, trading fair, entertainment and leisure for children and adults; outdoor and indoor activities, temporary shelters for emergency incidents building, relief of earthquake and other incidents.


Besides, this  inflatable spider dome tentis easy to install and unfold. Such as 3-10minutes to finish inflating, blower should be protected from rain all the time. Repair kits are provided for repairing product. After each use, fold product carefully and store it in proper place.


There are inflatable spider tent, inflatable marquee tent, inflatable dome tent, inflatable cube tent, inflatable tunnel tent, etc. In addition, this inflatable tent can be used in many party events such as promotion party, wedding party, dinner party, or for disaster relief, family use to rest, entertainment and park car, etc. Most of all, it is portable, durable and convenient, you can use it whenever and wherever you need it !


Therefore, this inflatable tent is very useful in any places as long as you need to use it for something. As matter of the fact, no matter you are a business man, or any other program planners, the outdoor should be your best partner. Now, if you need to look for some  inflatable spider dome tent for outdoor promotions, please choose this one, at least using the fashion inflatable tent can make the good income in your promotions.