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A colorful inflatable bubble lodge provides a colorful trip for you

Author:yolloy Date:2018-11-9 13:26:30
Here is a picture and some details of inflatable bubble lodge.

inflatable bubble lodge

As you can see from the picture,the inflatable bubble lodge is pink and it looks shine. You may ask that what makes this amazing effect. I can tell you that this is owing to its material and the lights in it. This kind of bubble lodge is made of the PVC tarps, which is known as the most advanced material in China at nowadays.

This material is transparent that the lights can shine out, so it looks shining at night. As for the color of the inflatable bubble lodge, it is up to the color of the lights in it. When the lights are purple, it looks purple at night. When the lights are blue, the whole bubble lodge will be blue. So you can change the color of the lights, then the color of the bubble lodge can be change together. Its changeful color can beautify the atmosphere in it and the place where you put your inflatable tent.

This kind of tent can be used in many occasions. For example, it can be used in parties, exhibitions, parks, family camping and so on. Of course, the size of the tent could be change for its usage. When it is used for big parties of exhibitions, you can choose the big one. The big one can contain for fifty people at least. When you want to camping with is, you can choose the small one, the small one is suit for one or two people. You can also put the buddle lodge in your garden to admire the stars at night because its dome is transparent. You can choose the size that suit for put some furniture in it and it can be your shelter. What is more, its size can be change into the size that costumers required. 

The inflatable bubble lodge is similar to other inflatable product that it can be fold, so you can fold it up when you don’t need it to save room. The traditional tents are heavy because of its heavy material. They are consisted of a steel frame and canvas. This causes a big weight and makes them difficult to transport and set up. However, the inflatable buddle lodge can solve this problem because it has a small weight and easy to set up with an air blower.