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5 Unusual Inflatable Structures You Must See

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-5-2 12:06:48

When talking about the inflatable tents, we usually think about dome, cube, tunnel or air shelter tents. However, there are also some “unusual” inflatable tents that have an interesting design and weird shape. So, when thinking of these structures, we use a term “other inflatable tents”. In the Yolloy online store, you can find a lot of different “other tents”, however, the following five are most popular today among customers.
If you want to see all inflatable tents of that sort, visit this page: http://www.yolloy.net/Outdoor-Inflatable-Tents/Other-inflatable-tents-13-13-1.html

1. Inflatable Church House Tent 

Have you ever seen an inflatable church? Yes, this amazing structure really exists! Maybe this is not in accordance with old Christian tradition, but it certainly pushes the boundaries. This air-supported church is shaped like an old-time cathedral, and it includes inflatable organ, plastic stained glass windows, candles, angels, pulpit, pews, altar and gold cross. You can use it to pray to God like in other ordinary churches, to make a wedding celebration or to attract other people for tourism purposes. It is made of waterproof PVC fabric, and dimensions are 18mL x 6.5m W x 12mH. 
                                 Inflatable Church House Tent 

2. White Inflatable Pagoda Tent 

Do you know what is pagoda? It is a Buddhist or Hindu sacred temple, which contains the specific tiered towers. These sacred buildings are used in India as well as in East Asia. What makes this inflatable pagoda tent so appealing is its interesting shape, especially when it comes to its roof. It is suitable for promotion, advertisements, exhibitions, various celebrations,trading fairs, and more. 
                                            White inflatable pagoda tent 

3. Inflatable Pub Bar Tent 

Inflatable pub tents have gaining popularity not only because they are gorgeous, but also due to the fact that they are portable, easy to set up, come in a small pack size and so on. The tents are also available in pre-formed sizes of 8mLx5.7mWx5mH or 6.8mLx4.5mWx4mH. Other options include customized sizes, air tightness or with a working blower besides it. The material used for the tents is tarpaulin which is also available in various thickness of 0.55mm, 0.6mm, and 0.9mm. Different kinds of pub tent crop up these days and can be used at various events either in your backyard, at the city center or at the beach they can virtually be erected anywhere. 
                                            Inflatable Pub Bar Tent
4. Wave-Shaped Inflatable Indoor Wall 

This inflatable wave-shaped wall gives your wall a unique look that beats the cliché look of the everyday flat walls. Using it in the internal rooms has the effect of making the whole space light up with architectural beauty. It's soft materials and design gives off a comfortable feeling and can make anyone happy whether used in the dining room or in the conference room. 
                                           wave shape inflatable wall

5. Portable Studio: Inflatable Photo Booth 

Looking for a photo booth? Well, you are in luck; take a look at this inflatable booth. The portable photo booth has gained a lot of popularity, especially at parties. Imagine you and your friends getting together in a photo booth at a party and recording the glorious moments. In terms of weight, it just weighs about 25kgs and together with the air blower the weight is around 35kgs. It is quite convenient as you can take it anywhere you want, to any kind of event. 
                                              Portable studio inflatable photo booth