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5 Differently Shaped Tents From Yolloy You Must See

Author:Yolloy inflatable Date:2016-7-4 11:41:12

In Yolloy store, you can find more than 100 different inflatable tents, and each one of them has its unique shape and form. Inflatable tents are designed in a variety of shapes in order to suit their purpose. The tents are usually shaped as a cube or dome tents, but there are also many intermediates between these two forms, as well as various strange shapes that do not resemble any geometrical body. That is exactly the point. Their shape must be unique and unusual to be interesting for many people. 

You can check out our tents here:
http://www.yolloy.net/Outdoor-Inflatable-Tents/ and here: http://www.yolloy.net/Clear-Inflatable-Dome-Tent/ 

1. Inflatable Spider Dome Tents 

As the previous tents, their construction is only inflatable and it serves as a support to spread some cloth. They usually have four, six or eight “legs”, so the most common spider tents on the market are four legs, six legs and eight legs inflatable dome tents. With this shape, they slightly reminiscent of the spider and hence such a name. The size can be different, but the smaller and the middle-sized inflatable spider tents are much more common than large spider dome tents. These tents are mainly used for outdoor exhibitions, but they are good shelters for anything, and therefore may be used for various occasions as well. 

Inflatable spider tent dome from manufacture for sale

2. Clear Double Inflatable Tent 

In essence, these are two inflatable dome tents, which are merged into one large structure. It consists of two bubble inflatable clear tents which are connected with one small tunnel. Each of these two tents is 5 m in diameter and around 2.5 m high. Thus, this connected structure has more space and can accommodate a larger number of people. 

clear inflatable dome tent

3. Inflatable portable meeting igloo dome 

This is a very interesting shape for a tent, and surely one of the most attractive among hundreds of other forms. Inflatable igloo tents are usually made of transparent fabrics, so people inside the tent are able to see the exterior which surrounds them while the others can see them as well as the interior of the tent at the same time. Transparent bubble tents really look extraordinary and no one cannot remain indifferent when seeing them. These tents usually have a tunnel that serves as the entrance/exit of the tent, which contributes to their better appearance.
inflatable portable meeting igloo dome

4. Outdoor huge white hexagon inflatable marquee for party 

This tent is designed as a one-storey house with a lot of windows from all sides. Of course, these windows are transparent, which results in greater light inside the tent. So, if you like to have a portable house, this tent is right for you. You can take it with you wherever you go. Moreover, you can put some household items inside such as table and chairs, furniture, beds, armchairs, cabinets, various electrical devices, and so on, and feel like in a real house.
Outdoor huge white hexagon inflatable marquee for party

5. Inflatable Luna Tent 

The main characteristic of these tents is that they don't have common doors as the other inflatable tents, but the large opening which is wide almost as the entire tent. There is a large space inside, and it is perfect for any type of outdoor events, especially for the festive occasions.It is lightweight, easy to carry and quite easy to put on.
                                                     Inflatable Luna Tent