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10 Inflatable Sports Games To Have A Lot Of Fun

Author:yolloy inflatable Date:2016-3-17 12:42:35
Playing sports is fun itself, but it can be more interesting with inflatable sports products. Of course, these items are not intended for the professionals, but for the young children and grown-ups to have a lot of fun and to relax. The best thing about these inflatables is that they are able to engage your kids in some physical activity while playing with them. It is very important thing in the era of the computer games and fast foods. This way, the kids improve their abilities - speed, agility, concentration, dexterity, mental skills and accuracy. 
According to customers' reviews, ten most popular inflatable sports games are: 

1)  Velcro inflatable jump walls bouncy castle 
2)  Inflatable portable zip line for Interactive Sport Games 
3)  Inflatable playground Mega Twister game 
4)  Inflatable zorb rolling ball on grass 
5)  Interactive Sports inflatable football games soccer field 
6)  Inflatable basketball goal game basketball shoot 
7)  Inflatable Dartboard Sport Giant Dart scoreboard 
8)  Inflatable obstacle course tunnel circle 
9)  New inflatable sport target ball baseball field floating 
0)  Inflatable toys surfing surfboard 

To see all these inflatable sports games, just click here: http://www.yolloy.net/Interactive-Sport-Games/index.html. In Yolloy store, you can inquire about these 10 as well as other amazing sports inflatable products and find more details about them. 

Velcro inflatable jump walls bouncy castle 
Do you like climbing and jumping on the walls? If so, take a look at this funny Velcro inflatable jumping wall. In fact, this wall is not intended for climbing. On the contrary, it is intended for sticking on the inflated wall. Yes, you read it right: “for sticking”. Are you wondering how it is possible? There are the stitched clothes in the middle of the walls, so when dressing these clothes, you stay attached to the wall. Crazy, isn't it? Here comes the craziest thing about this inflatable game. You can dress it upside down, so you'll get reversed – with head downward and legs upwards. This is very funny and you'll have a lot of fun while staying in this pose. 

Inflatable portable zip line for Interactive Sport Games 
This is a large sports product for interactive games, and a vast majority of people consider zip lines as the sports games. Some inflatable zip lines are designed for kids to play sports while the others are more suitable for adults. There are many different models of inflatable zip lines in our store, but those for interactive sports games are most popular. The airframe keeps this huge product from collapsing, and it also keeps the "riders" safe. To find more about how to play with the inflatable zip line, visit Yolloy website, clicking on the given link. 

Inflatable playground Mega Twister game
Twister has become a popular social game all around the world. Playing this amusing game, you can have a great fun your friends or family members. How to play the Twister. It is very easy! You should put your legs and/or hands on a certain color. The same goes with inflatable mega twister game. Inflatable playground Mega Twister game is suitable for various occasions, including birthdays, family reunions, parties, chummy gatherings, etc. 

Inflatable Zorb rolling ball 
There are two types of inflatable zorb balls, the water and rolling zorb ball. Both balls are popular. The water zorb ball (also known as water walking ball) is designed to “walk” on the water surface. There is a special zipper, so to enter this ball, you need to open that zipper, get into the ball, close the zipper, and inflate the ball. When it comes to the rolling zorb ball, the way of use is completely different. This ball comes inflated from the manufacturer, and it has an opening in the middle part. If the ball is not inflated, you will do it yourself with a pump. All you need to do is to get into the ball and roll up yourself. In order to roll up, you will have to go at some sloping ground, or if you are going to use this ball on the level ground, then someone else will have to roll up the zorb ball. Therefore, the main difference between these two zorb balls is the way to use and place of use. The water walking zorb ball is intended for the water areas, while the rolling zorb ball is designed for the land – on the grass, concrete, sand, parquet, and so on. 

Interactive Sports inflatable football games soccer field 
There is no doubt, the football is the most popular sport in the world. Did you know that you can play football in the inflatable football field? Inflatable soccer fields come in different sizes, so it is suitable for both kids and adults. When the children get tired of running their parents can start playing. This inflatable game is good for the physical activity, and to have a good time. In the Yolloy online shop, you can find a few different types of inflatable soccer games: 

1)  Human Table football inflatable giant football pitch 
2)  Human Table inflatable Football pitch 
3)  inflatable football field bandage game
4)  Inflatable Soccer Arena with goal post 
5)  Interactive Sports inflatable football games soccer field 
6)  Football game of inflatable football pitch 
7)  Inflatable football shootout interactive game 
8)  Inflatable football shootout game. 

The very popular football inflatable game is so-called Interactive Sports inflatable football games soccer field. This is a middle-sized inflatable field to play football. 

Inflatable basketball goal game basketball shoot 
If you like playing basketball, this sports game is gonna be a good choice for you to practice shooting and have a lot of fun. This is a good way to get interested your children in the basketball and in order to learn some basic things about this sport. This toy is made from the best PVC tarpaulin, which is eco-friendly, fire retardant and waterproof. 

Inflatable Dartboard Sport Giant Dart scoreboard
Darts is a good game to improve your concentration and precision. The real arrows are replaced with plastic arrows, which are able to stick on the darts surface. Therefore, this is much safer game for kids than darts with steel arrows. 

Inflatable obstacle course tunnel circle 
We sell various types of inflatable obstacle games. One very popular game of this sort is inflatable obstacle course tunnel circle. Its size is 15 x 3 m, but it can be customized as well as the color. This is a big and complex toy that consists of numerous different small toys. Therefore, it allows you to have a variety of challenges. 

New inflatable sport target ball baseball field floating 
This amazing inflatable sports product allows you to experience the baseball in a new and unique way. Like the basketball inflatable field, the baseball field is good to practice shooting and have a great fun with your friends or children. The dimensions are 4mL×5mW×3mH and it only weighs 99 kg. 

Inflatable toys surfing surfboard
With this amazing inflatable sports toy, you will be able to enjoy surfing during the whole year. You don't have to wait for winter and snow to surf on your surfboard. It is designed in such a way to have a feeling that you surf on the snowy mountain. In addition to great fun, this sports game is also good to improve your motor skills.