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Outdoor floating court inflatable volleyball field inflatable water


Size:12mL*6mW*2mH or Customized
Material is 0.6mm commercial pvc
Color:as picture or customized

Outdoor floating court inflatable volleyball field inflatable water Outdoor floating court inflatable volleyball field inflatable water Outdoor floating court inflatable volleyball field inflatable water Outdoor floating court inflatable volleyball field inflatable water
Outdoor floating inflatable volleyball field,  also called inflatable water beach volleyball court float game
The Outdoor floating inflatable volleyball field is a very popular product on our company,this Water Games Inflatable Beach Volleyball Court is made of high frequency heat sealing, which is durable and can be reusable for more than 3 years. It is portable, fast and easy to install, which can give you exciting feeling and bring you into the joyful water world with your family and friends! 
A volleyball game is played between two teams of each 4 or 5 players.
The aim is for each team to ground the ball on the opponent's field.
The Height of the net in between both fields can be adjusted for different levels such as professionals, men, women or children.
Players are not allowed to touch the net and always have to remain with at least one body part on their own side.
A maximum of 5 touches is allowed per team (6 for recreational games).
The size, shape and color are available to custom according to customer's requirement.
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